Gills (Glitched)

Category: Body Mutation
Species: Xero

 are respiratory organs that are located on the neck or rib area and allow the Xero to breathe underwater. A Xero with this trait has both a set of gills and a set of lungs and can “turn off” function for one or the other depending on their body state.

Gill-having Xeros who spend a lot of time outside of the water are recommended to find ways to rehydrate often to avoid drying out the area.

How To Use This Trait


  • This trait can only be placed on the Neck or Rib area of a Xero.

  • The gills can be "scalloped" or flat facing on the Xero.

  • Gills must have the same flesh color as the Xero. If the gills are a different color it requires the use of the split trait.

  • The Gills can be placed BOTH on the Neck and the Ribs.



  • Place the gills anywhere else but the neck or ribs.

  • Use gill-like markings without the use of the trait.

  • If the gills are drawn primarily closed in ML art, please inform us so we can categorize the trait correctly.

This trait can only be added by using a Glitch Vial on a Xero that has the "Glitched" status.

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