03 2023 Updates!

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Welcome to the third month of the year!
We've got some small updates to share in this newsletter. Keep an eye out for a giveaway and more later this month!
New Xeros and another seasonal giveaway coming soon!

Monthly Activity Summary!

The winner of last month's Draw to Enter has been rolled! Read below to find out who won the adorable X-546!
We are introducing two new traits, grab some for free in the Greenhouse! Keep reading for more information!

We have some minor updates about the MYO/Redesign process and a TOS update regarding censored/triggering Xero designs.

Don't forget our Monthly Prompts! They'll end on the 26th of the month!

Click for all the details!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second DTE event during the chilly month of February! 💌 
"I really enjoyed creating the design for this DTE, and the art submitted just warms my heart! In the future we would like to do more of these DTE opportunities." - crypticfishing

The winner of this DTE is... 💕 Kaluna ! 💕 

X-546 will be transferred to them with nearly 30 pieces of art! I believe they already have a story in mind as well 👀 If you would like to check out the art that was submitted for this prompt, head to our on-site Gallery or X-546's Toyhouse profile.

"New" Traits!

Expanding tail mutation variety! Stack traits for more customization!

The Bearded Cap allows a Xero to have a Canis Tail! These tails are fluffy and tapered with a pointed tip. They can range from scruffy dog-like tails to long poofy fox tails.


The Affocato allows a Xero to have a Felis Tail; a long noodle-shaped tail! These round-tipped tails aren't tapered and are roughly the same width all the way around.

You may recognize these mushrooms from our 2022 Twilight Carnival! Since these mushrooms were originally found by foragingwe've decided to keep these trait items exclusive to it as our first forage-only trait! Thanks to our Carnival event, there are over 200 of each item in circulation currently, so trade with other members or forage for your own if you need one!

Worried about being able to get one for your next Xero design? You can grab one of each for free in the Greenhouse!

All existing Xeros that have these traits will have them applied, no item necessary! Any pending MYOs or redesigns using these traits at the time of this post will also not require the item.


Monthly Prompts

Finally, as always, we still have our monthly repeating prompts, XOTM & ARC Survey!



03 2023 XOTM: victobious's  X-219

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 010

From a favorite stone, a treasured piece of jewelry, or even a particular knock you feel you must use on someone's door, we all still carry our 'good luck' charms, as it were. So, Xeros, I'm excited to see what sorts of items bring you comfort, especially because with that pouch who KNOWS what it could be?

Participate in ARC's Survey


Update Regarding MYO / Redesign Approval

Just a very minor update, but one worth mentioning!

We are slowly continuing to update all of our trait information to be clearer and easier to understand for all of our members and staff. We thank you for your patience, this process will take a while to complete!

Going forward, we are going to be taking more time and care with every single MYO and Redesign submitted on the site. This is to ensure that every design on the Masterlist follows trait and species rules to prevent issues and conflicts further down the line.

Since every MYO/Redesign will need to be looked over by the Staff team rather than just one person, please allow a bit of extra time for any approvals to go through on the website or our Discord's #myo-redesign-help channel! We anticipate most designs will be processed within 3 days of submission.

Update to Rules Regarding Censored Xeros

Hello Alurizan citizens! Thank you for your patience. After reviewing your feedback and discussing with the ARC Staff team we’ve come to a decision regarding the eligibility of characters censored on the Masterlist to participate in Xero of the Month.

As a team we have decided characters that have a censored Masterlist entry will NOT be allowed to be featured as Xero of the Month.
  • Users who own multiple Xeros will be encouraged to choose another character to be featured as XOTM if they are rolled.
  • If a user only owns one Xero which is censored on the ML, they will be removed from the XOTM raffle and given the consolation prize along with the non-owners & FTOs who participate in the event.

Xero of the Month is an official staff-sponsored event which involves adding custom graphics featuring the Xero on our front page, activity page, and social media as well as a large influx of art in both our on-site Gallery and our Discord. Because of this, we must stick by our game's overall PG, friendly cartoon feel and keep official content appropriate for all.

We understand this decision may be met with disappointment from some of our users. We sincerely feel that this is the best course of action since we do not have a better way of allowing users to curate their Project Xero experience. Fairness is important to us, but even more important is keeping our members safe. We do not wish to promote or endorse content that could be harmful to others, even unintentionally.

Users may still use their MYO slots or custom commissions with staff to make a "censored" Xero. When future Xeros are submitted to the ML that require a censor, the user will be notified to agree to the above terms or change aspects of the Xero in order to have it added to the site.

Censored Xeros are not barred from any other activities or events at this time and may still be used for any of the owner's prompts, drawn for Galactic Gift, and shared in the Gallery or Discord, so long as any images are spoilered and proper warning tags are applied.

We take triggers very seriously in this community, and despite our best efforts there were some comments that could be construed as minimizing another user's fears or comfort level. While we value each and every user's feedback, we ask that you retroactively be mindful of the language you use during sensitive discussions and formulate your thoughts in a way that does not make users feel embarrassed or ashamed of the discomforts they have. Going forward we will be utilizing our Anonymous Feedback Form instead for discussions like this.

❌ Content that is not allowed:

Offensive content, sexual content, excessive blood or violence, guts/gore, excessive body horror

⚠️ Content that will require a censor:

Light body horror such as extra eyes, "Candy Gore" (art of characters filled with objects, candy, stars, goo, etc. NOT organs/guts), medium amounts of blood (such as a fresh injury), design decisions that induce trypophobia (many small spots/holes clustered together), eye strain (triggers migraines)

Content that doesn't require a censor:

Scars, healed injuries, prosthetic limbs, small amounts of blood (nosebleed, scratch, blood stain), most depictions of bones/skulls, most Xeros featuring venomous trait or bioluminescence trait.

All designs will be discussed by staff and judged on a case-by-case basis. These guidelines may change in the future if needed.


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