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Welcome to the town of Torini! Jewel of the Earle Sea!
This carefree seaside town is full of beaches, a bustling music scene, and a very popular market! Perfect to kick up your feet and watch your worries slip away!
All of these wonderful Xeros designed by NeonSlushie are all based off of Torini! The wonderful summer vibes and relaxing vacation energy are jam packed into each lovely design! Since Torini is a Seaside destination, expect to see some Marine Xeros in the mix, here! Marine Xeros thrive in this sunny clear coastal environment!  
The SB for these cuties is 50 USD, and the AB is 300 USD!

These 6 Xeros will all be Auctions hosted on TOYHOUSE! - If you need a TH account, feel free to ask for an invite in our Discord! We will be slip sliding these Xeros towards you all TOMORROW (03/04) at 3pm EST, with a preview 30 minutes before! Get ready!

We're so excited to show these beautiful designs off to the world and I hope you all are excited, too! See you tomorrow!  

More information about Torini & other locations in the Xero universe HERE!

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