Marine (Xero Subtype)


These Xeros are specially made to thrive in aquatic environments, and their exclusive traits reflect this. However, they are more amphibious than fully aquatic; they do not have gills and must breathe air, and can still walk perfectly fine on land. All Marine Xeros have webbed paws, and short, sleek fur. They are less fluffy than the other subspecies.


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype: 
  • Marine Ears: Marine Xeros can have extra small ears, or no visible ear flaps at all. This adaptation helps them be more streamlined underwater.
  • Marine Fins: Marine Xeros can have fins of any sort on various parts of their bodies. Fins can include whale-like dorsal fins and flukes, shark or fish-like tails, or any other sort of webbed fin. Fins can be located on their backs, tails, backs of their limbs, or even in place of their ears.
However, these traits do not have to be present on every single Marine Xero, they can have standard ears and Marine Fins, or Marine Ears with no fins at all, or both standard features, but just sleek fur and webbed paws.

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