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Standard Xero ORB

Category: MYO Items

Artist: NeonSlushie

A significant hurdle in restoring an extinct species is figuring out how to safely develop the organism outside of a natural process. To solve this issue, Project scientists modified ORB technology to create a specialized variant that serves as an artificial egg for a developing Xero. After it’s initial synthesis, the embryo is placed in containment to complete its development to a point where it can continue to grow without such support. 
This ORB contains all the necessary nutrients and fluids to mimic the sterile internal environment of a natural Xero egg and help facilitate healthy growth. The special shell is clear on the top to allow scientific observation & ensure healthy development of the Xero.
Opening this item grants the user a Standard Xero MYO slot.

This Standard Xero MYO slot allows the user to create a 'Make Your Own' Xero of the Standard Subspecies. This slot comes with the following traits by default:



Additional traits may be purchased in the Greenhouse.

Xeros created with this ORB have a base value of $50.00 USD.