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Created: 15 August 2021, 04:37:31 EDT
Last updated: 29 April 2024, 00:54:48 EDT
This page may feature some outdated information! Please see the #myo-redesign-help section of our Discord for more information and help from staff while we work on updating this page!


Xeros are an original species concept by NeonSlushie & ScrapTeeth
- Xeros can only be added to our Database by adopting one from our Geneticists or by earning Prestige and Wish Shards through the game to make your own Xero. The item that gives you this ability is called a Make Your Own (MYO) slot!


Free MYO Slots


Available in the ARC Lab

Every Project Xero member has the ability to earn a limited amount of free MYO slots, which can be earned with Prestige  or Wish Shards in the ARC Lab. Basic Xero MYO slots are the only kind of MYO slot that can be purchased with in-game currency.
In addition, MYO slots may be given away for free occasionally as prizes for events or holidays - join our Discord to stay up to date with the latest news!

Prestige can be earned a number of different ways, such as:
  • Weekly prompts such as Galactic Gift or Planet Cleanup. These can be done four times a month for 5 Prestige each!
  • Check out our Prompts for a full list of activities you can participate in to earn currency & other rewards!
  • Uploading Project Xero-related artwork or writing you've created to the Gallery! Most pieces submitted are eligible to receive a reward of 5 Prestige.
  • Do you offer art or other service commissions? Our Discord is a bustling marketplace for trading Prestige between users!
Wish Shards can be earned in a number of different ways, such as:
  • Daily Foraging opportunities in multiple locations to obtain Comet Clusters!
  • Monthly Foraging event known as The Crater with guaranteed Comet Cluster drops! 
  • Do you offer art or other service commissions? Our Discord is a bustling marketplace for trading Comet Clusters between users!
More ways of earning Prestige and Wish Shards will be added frequently!

Paid MYO Slots

MYO slots may also be sold for USD from time to time as a way to pay our staff team for their work. These sales will usually be announced on our Discord or Sales page!

There are a few kinds of MYO slots that may be sold; currently only these types are available:
More MYO types will be added in the future!



MYO Information

After obtaining your Xero ORB, go to your Inventory and click on the ORB. Click on the checkboxes, and then 'Use Slot' and 'Open'. This turns the ORB from an item in your inventory into a useable slot. You can view your MYO slots HERE.

It is important to note that once purchased, your MYO slot cannot be resold, only gifted or traded among users. It's recommended you do not purchase a slot unless you are planning to use it! Users may request permission to resell their MYO slot in case of emergency only.

Once your MYO design is completed and uploaded to the Masterlist, it can be gifted, traded, or sold if desired. Prestige-earned MYO Xeros are given a Sale Value of $0. 



Your Design

In order for your MYO Xero to be approved, you must have a clear, digital image of the design drawn out with a transparent background. Look at other Xeros on the Masterlist for an example of how the completed art should look. The image must be clean and show off most markings and features with little to no shading, so that all of your character's colors and patterns are easily seen. You may draw this image yourself, commission another artist for it, or color in our Free-To-Use MYO Xero Base! You may NOT trace or recolor another artist's work without permission.

When creating your design for your MYO Xero, you may look through the Masterlist for inspiration for designs that appeal to you and designs that don't, as well as examples of approved Xero designs, but please ensure your completed design is not a copy of another existing Xero!

Having difficulty thinking of an idea? Mood boards can be a great place to start; they can help inspire unique color combinations or marking ideas. Just do a Google Image search for a "color" mood board or an "idea" mood board, such as "pink mood board" or "nighttime moodboard" and pick your favorite. Or, you can make your own board by combining pictures that fit the aesthetic you want.


If desired, you may use your MYO slot to transfer an existing character of yours (such as a fursona or other original character) into a Xero! You must still follow all Xero design guidelines. This means you may have to make minor edits to your design or buy special traits in order to have it work as a Xero, depending on what your design looks like.

In addition, if you translate one of your original characters into a Xero, the two designs must remain "together". This means that if you want to later sell or trade your Xero, but your Xero's design looks identical to your other character, you must also sell the other character design with it. Otherwise, the new owner of your Xero would have a copycat design owned by someone else, so the two designs must remain together.

Your MYO design can also be based off a popular media character, so long as it is not copied too directly. For example, you can use your MYO to create a Xero that is yellow with black ear tips and red circles on its cheeks, but it must also contain other additions to the design to make sure its not a blatant rip-off of everyone's favorite electric mouse.

You may also commission another artist to design the Xero for you if you are not an artist or are not confident with your design abilities. 



Xeros come in a wide variety of colors, but there are a few rules that need to be followed for your design. Some things, such as neon-colored flesh or darker belly fur, require special items & traits in order to be used. If you are confused with anything, feel free to reach out to a member of the Staff Team!






Standard Traits

The Basic Xero ORB MYO slot comes with Standard Ears, Standard Tail, and Standard Claws by default. Other rarity tiers of MYO slots come with the exclusive traits of the included subspecies.


Standard Ears can vary in size and shape but are similar to an Earth deer's ear: tapered at the base and tip for a roughly 'diamond' shape.

Standard Tails are long kangaroo or otter-like tails that are thick at the base and taper to a soft point at the end.
If you want your Xero to have an Ear Mutation, Tail Mutation, or other special traits, these must be purchased from the Greenhouse! See the section below for more information.



Special Traits

Special Traits include things like horns, slit pupils, retractable claws, different ear and tail mutations, and even rarer traits, such as bioluminescence or reverse countershading!

Different traits can be purchased in the Greenhouse as items. Click on the different items to learn what traits they can add to your Xero! If you have a question about a trait that already exists or are wondering about a trait that doesn't exist yet in the Xero world, feel free to approach the Staff Team about it!

Trait items MUST be purchased in order for them to be applied to your MYO design!




Finally... you’ve finished your MYO design…
Let’s get them approved and uploaded to the Masterlist! 


(NOTE: When filling out the MYO submission form, remember to press “Save” at the end of each tab once you are done with it!)

First things first: make sure your image of your new Xero is full body, shows the design clearly, and has a transparent background! Please keep any shading to a minimum!

When logged in on the Project Xero website, click the “Home” tab on the top bar, and then click “My MYO Slots.

 Click on the MYO slot you wish to use. 

On the side menu at the bottom, look for and click “Submit MYO design.”
(For mobile users: To get to the side menu, look for the black arrow at the top left of your screen. Scroll to the bottom to find “Submit MYO design” and click it.)

Click "Create Request".

1. The first step is the 'Comments' tab, but this can be ignored unless you have something special to note that Staff needs to be aware of. Click 'Save' to move on to the next tab!

2. Head to the 'Masterlist Image' tab and use the 'Choose File' button to submit the image of your character. Use the image cropper tool (Click and drag to move the image) after uploading your image to crop it for the Masterlist, as you like.

  • Underneath your image is a place for your designer and artist’s usernames. If you were the designer/artist: put your username in both columns! Were there two designers? Use the “+” next to the designer space to add a second designer.
  • Leave the Designer/Artist URL blank if the designer or artist has a account. If they do NOT have one, put their social media URL into the Designer/Artist URL and leave the first box blank.

Next, let's click the “Add-Ons” tab. 
3. This is where you submit your items for the traits you have added on to your Xero. To see your items, you will need to click the “Show” button beside the text that says 'Your inventory.' From there, just scroll until you find the items you want, and click the check box to the left of the item.

4, Now we are in the final steps! Click the “Traits” tab next. 
  • From here, you need to remember what items you used in the previous tab. For example, if you used a kara berry click the 'Add Trait Button' and search for the “Tufted Ears” trait in the box that pops up. Continue adding traits for every item used. Remember to add your free traits (Standard Ears, Standard Tail, Standard Claws, or Antennae) if you used any of those as well! 

5.  Head back to the 'Status' tab once these are all filled in and all the tabs have a green circle next to them. Click 'Submit Request!' 

Once that is submitted: You are good to go! A member of the team will manually approve your MYO or send it back with a comment if anything needs to be changed.

That's it! You’re all done!! If you don't need to make any changes, your MYO will be uploaded to the Masterlist to become an official Xero!