Desert (Xero Subtype)


These Xeros are specially made to thrive in hotter, drier climates, and their exclusive traits reflect this. They often have warm toned color palettes that are lighter in coloration; it would be rare to see a mostly black or dark brown Desert Xero as that would absorb too much heat. They are the smallest of the Xero subspecies, averaging only 3 feet tall (90 cm).


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype: 
  • Desert Ears: Desert Xeros can have larger than average ears to radiate heat. They can be any shape (pointy fennec-like, rounded jackrabbit-like, etc.) Size can vary a bit, but is generally about 1.5 to 2x the height of the head.
  • Desert Tails: Desert Xeros can have thick, fat tails like a gecko to store fat and water. Size & shape can vary, but think of a thick leopard gecko-like tail, or a big squishy tail reminiscent of a caterpillar or grub.
However, these traits do not have to be present on every single Desert Xero, they can have standard ears and a Desert Tail, or Desert Ears with a standard tail, or both standard features, but just a smaller stature.

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