Tundra (Xero Subtype)


Tundra Xeros are specially made to thrive in cold, arctic conditions. They often have cool-toned color palettes or designs with a large amount of off-white markings. It would be rare to see a mostly dark-colored Tundra Xero. They are the largest of the subtypes, averaging about 5 feet tall (152 cm). 


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype:
  • Tundra Ears: Tundra Xeros can have extremely fluffy ears, the fluff is so long that the tufts of fur inside cover most or all of the visible skin and hangs outside the ears!
  • Tundra Fur: Tundra Xeros can have extra fluffy fur. Often shown as a super fluffy neck and chest area like a mane, but can also be extra fluffy on the undersides of the limbs, the tail, sides of the face, etc.
However, these traits do not have to be present on every single Tundra Xero, they can have standard ears and Tundra Fur, or Tundra Ears with regular fur, or both standard features, but just a larger stature.

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