Tundra Ears

Tundra Ears (Tundra)

Category: Ear Mutation
Species: Xero (Tundra subtype)

Tundra Xeros can have extremely fluffy ears called Tundra Ears; the fluff is so long that the tufts of fur inside cover most or all of the visible skin and hangs outside the ears!

How To Use This Trait


EfaJvLGP_o.png?download=true DO: Tundra Ears can include very long tufts of fur inside the ears that covers most of the visible skin, all of the visible skin, sticks outside the ears, or forms a ring of fur around the skin of the inner ear.

DO NOT: Xeros without the Tundra Ear trait should not have overly fluffy ear insides. A very small tuft of fur as an accent is allowed, but it cannot take up too much space inside the ear or poke outside the ear at all. Xeros without the Tundra Ear trait should also not have overly fluffy ear outsides, with the exception of the Tufted Ear trait allowing the Xero to have fluffy ear tips.


This trait can only be added to Tundra Xeros or Xeros that have the "Glitched" status by using a Tundra Vial.

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