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Unusual Xero ORB

Category: Xero ORBs

Artist: NeonSlushie


A significant hurdle in restoring an extinct species is figuring out how to safely develop the organism outside of a natural process. To solve this issue, Project scientists modified ORB technology to create a specialized variant that serves as an artificial egg for a developing Xero. After it’s initial synthesis, the embryo is placed in containment to complete its development to a point where it can continue to grow without such support. 

This ORB contains all the necessary nutrients and fluids to mimic the sterile internal environment of a natural Xero egg and help facilitate healthy growth. The special shell is clear on the top to allow scientific observation & ensure healthy development of the Xero.

Opening this item grants the user an Unusual Xero MYO slot.

This Unusual Xero MYO slot allows the user to create a 'Make Your Own' Xero of either the Desert or Tundra Subspecies. It comes with the following traits by default. Additional traits must be purchased in the ARC Lab.

If using this MYO to create a Desert Xero, you may add Desert Ears and Desert Tail to your MYO if desired. No item purchase necessary!

If using this MYO to create a Tundra Xero, you may add Tundra Ears and Tundra Fur to your MYO if desired. No item purchase necessary!


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