Standard Ears

Standard Ears (Standard)

Species: Xero

By default, all Xeros have ears that are located on the sides of their heads, roughly in line with their eyes. These ears can vary a bit in shape or size, but are always folded in and tapered at the base. 

How To Use This Trait


  • Standard Ears can vary in size and shape but are similar to an Earth deer's ear: tapered at the base and tip for a roughly 'diamond' shape.

  • A very small tuft of fur can be added to the inside of Standard Ears if desired!

  • A little bit of soft shading can be added inside the base of the ear.


  • The color inside a Xero's ear is bare skin, not fur! For fluffy ears, see Tundra Ears.

  • Ears should be be placed roughly in line with the eyes, not on the top of the head.

  • Shading in the ears should be free of hard lines or colors. For ridged ears or ear markings, see Hollow Ears and Patterned Skin.

This trait can be added freely to any Xero, without the use of an item.

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