Hollow (Xero Subtype)


Hollow Xeros are specially adapted to dark, subterranean environments such as caves, underground burrows, and especially dark habitats. Notable features include adapted eyes for navigating low-light conditions and highly sensitive ridged ears for superior hearing in such environments. In addition, Hollow Xeros feature slightly larger claws to enable efficient burrowing.


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype:
  • Hollow Ears: Hollow Xeros can have ridged ears, similar to a bat's. These ears can have darker ridges, or a gradient of colors within the different segments. These are the only kind of ear that can have gradients of different  colors within them.
  • Hollow Eyes: Hollow Xeros can have fully dark eyes with enlarged pupils. These eyes are dark and shiny, with their eye color reflected along the bottom.
However, these traits do not have to be present on every single Hollow Xero, they can have standard ears and Hollow Eyes, or Hollow Ears with regular eyes, or both standard features, but just larger claws.

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