Jungle (Xero Subtype)


Jungle Xeros are specially made to thrive in heavily forested environments, and their exclusive traits reflect this. In general, they're a bit smaller and lighter than most Standard Xeros, with an average height of about 3.5 feet or 106 cm. They also have extra-long sticky tongues, perfect for lapping up their favorite treat: fresh flower nectar!


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype: 
  • Jungle Camouflage: Jungle Xeros can be mixotrophs, that is, they can grow plant structures to photosynthesize! This can include things such as leaves and flowers, which can be located anywhere on the Xero's body. This also helps them blend in with their leafy surroundings.
  • Jungle Patagia: Jungle Xeros can have patagia - that is, loose flaps of skin connecting from each wrist to hip. These patagia allow the Xeros to glide short distances, such as from tree to tree, or slow their fall like a parachute. Much like the patagia of a flying squirrel, they are extended with the aid of specialized wrist bones and the loose skin can fold up against the body when not in use.
However, these traits do not have to be present on every single Jungle Xero, they can have just one or the other, or not have either and just have the longer tongue!

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