Antennae (Standard)

Category: Body Mutation
Species: Xero

Antennae are the most common trait displayed by Xeros. These sensitive feelers enhance a Xero's senses and help them navigate in difficult environments. The antennae can be many different lengths, and can be present on the head, back, tail, or on the cheeks like "whiskers".

How To Use This Trait


  • A Xero's antennae are always soft, flexible, and tube-shaped.

  • The tips of antennae may be rounded, bulbous, heart-tipped, curled, etc.


  • Xero antennae are never fluffy or densely furred.

  • Insect or moth-like antennae are not included under this trait.

This trait can be added to your Xero by giving them a Ru Berry.

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