Savannah Hooves

Savannah Hooves (Savannah)

Category: Body Mutation
Species: Xero (Savannah subtype)
An adaptation for moving swiftly on wide-open grasslands. These hooves are rounded, modified claws whose purpose is to protect the Xeros feet from rocks and difficult terrain while running. Since these hooves can see some extra wear and tear it is recommended to clean them out daily.
Restrictions To This Trait

Hooves must be placed in symmetrical pairs while adding this trait to a Xero. This means that you may do something like only adding hooves to a Xeros feet paws and have normal Xero hand paws or adding hooves to all 4 limbs. You may not, however, mix and match by, for example, adding one hooved foot and one hooved hand paw.

This trait can not be added onto BOTH sets paws of Xeros with the Webbed Paws or Digging Claws trait.

How to get this trait
This trait can only be added to Savannah Xeros, or by using a Savannah Vial on a Xero that has the "Glitched" status.
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