Savannah (Xero Subtype)


Savannah Xeros are specially adapted to run fast in their native grasslands and protect themselves from the elements of that environment. Notable features include a mane to protect their backs from UV damage caused by the hot sun and Hooves that help them navigate the rocky hills and sweeping stretches of land. In addition, Savannah Xeros feature longer limbs to allow them to run faster and see over tall grass easier.


They currently have two unique features that can only be found on this subtype:
  • Savannah Mane: A long fluffy mane that can cover part or all of a Xero’s back, or even go onto their tail! The primary purpose of the mane is to protect the Xero’s back from UV damage from the sun, since there is not a lot of shade on the open grasslands this trait evolved on. Plus, it also serves as a fashion statement.
  • Savannah Hooves: An adaptation for moving swiftly on wide-open grasslands. These hooves are rounded, modified claws whose purpose is to protect the Xeros feet from rocks and difficult terrain while running. Since these hooves can see some extra wear and tear it is recommended to clean them out daily. 
These traits do not have to be present on every single Savannah Xero, however, every Savannah Xero must have the exclusive subtype trait Long Limbs

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