Long Limbs

Long Limbs (Savannah)

Species: Xero (Savannah subtype)
This subspecies-exclusive trait allows a Savannah Xero to run faster than their non-savannah cousins and see over tall grass. While a Standard Xero would have stockier limbs that form rounded hands and paws, a Savannah Xero has longer skinnier limbs that taper near the ends to form a digitigrade look while they are standing up.



A note on stylization

There may be some existing Xeros on the ML with longer or stylized digitigrade legs before this subtype was revealed. This could be due to many factors, as all artists draw Xeros differently. Existing Xeros with stylized or inaccurate Xero limbs will not be upgraded with the Long Limbs trait as they simply now have inaccurate Masterlist Art. However, we will not make anyone change their art if it is already on the Masterlist, not to worry! If you wish to have this sort of look for your Xero's limbs, saving up for a Savannah Beaker is the way forward!

This trait is exclusive to the Savannah subspecies, all Savannah Xeros have this trait. 

This trait can only be added to a non-savannah Xero by using a Savannah Beaker on a glitched Xero. However, the Xero will also permanently gain the Glitched rarity.

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