Twilight Carnival 2022

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Time has forgotten who was first to propose the idea of The Twilight Carnival but one thing is certain: It’s the one event in AREZ you don’t wanna miss!
Taking place 30 days before the anniversary of the official beginning of the Alurizan Reserve, it is a celebration of many significant events: the traditional harvest season, a celebration of unity and coming together to be a greater collective.

To reflect this, a large component of the carnival revolves around getting together and sharing your culture with one another. Food, music, games, and more are all featured in a month long celebration of the differences that make us stronger and richer in life together. While each may have their own way of celebrating the holiday, the real place to be is the Capital City, where the largest Twilight Carnival is held. Decorated with the traditional carved lantern fruits and bringing in everything from street food vendors, to traditional craftsman and performers, its where you can see what the Alurizian people really have to show.
You might even treat yourself to some of the many games and festivities, maybe even win yourself some prizes of your own!

Event Activity Summary!

Forage daily for mushrooms & other goodies!

Participate in our Discord Xingo! A Xero-themed Bingo with prizes!

Free gifts in the shop weekly!

Earn tickets for our Mega Raffle!

Don't forget our Monthly Prompts & Limited Event Prompts!
 For some of the later events, (Quiz, GA opening, Donation Event, Sales) We will have more details closer to the dates they are scheduled! Thank you for your patience!

Click for all the details!

Calling All Volunteers!

As I'm sure you have heard by now, there has been an outbreak of non-native fungal spores in Harbor and the timing could not be worse. To help contain the outbreak, we're recruiting individuals with with previous experience or interest in the following fields: foraging, fungus identification, or mycology.

While the initial contamination has been contained, the existing fruits must be collected before they are allowed to produce more spores and succeed our containment capacities. Please report to the address below and await further instructions.

Thank you for your interest and assistance. Together we can ensure that this outbreak does not become a full-fledged spread of an invasive species!

Every day, you can attempt to collect a mushroom from our new site feature:

There are 12 new mushrooms in total; collect all 12 by the end of the month to gain a Twilight Carnival 2022 badge and 10 Raffle Tickets in our huge Twilight Carnival Mega Raffle! Please check out our Discord's Twilight Carnival section to trade your duplicate mushrooms and submit your completed collection for rewards.

Get out there and start foraging! We need all the help we can get!



Now what would be a special event month without some New Seasonal Produce? We have 2 that will be gracing us this Twilight Carnival!

All Xeros who currently have these traits will have them added automatically, but going forward MYO’s with these traits will require the items to make them possible! 


The Hake Nut allows a Xero to gain an Ornamental Tail! This is a fancy tail tip made of hard keratin or cartilage. It can be almost any shape, as long as it’s placed on the end of the tail!


And the Harvest Fairy! This seed allows a Xero to have a set of Frilled Ears! These ears have a grooved outer edge, giving them a jagged or wing-like appearance!  

Both new items can be purchased from ARC Lab, found in Autumn Produce Baskets, or foraged!


Mult Fruit, Goodroop Fruit, and Spikul Fruit are back as well!

They are available in limited quantities all month in the ARC Lab and Autumn Produce Baskets so make sure to stock up before they go out of season!


Limited Time Event Prompts

Search for the Woodland Ghost

Now that the breach has been contained, ARC lab requires volunteers to go out and search for the elusive Woodland Ghost mushroom to ensure that the spread of an invasive species can be kept at bay. 

Draw or write about your Xero’s foraging excursion! Consider what tools they may need. Where do they decide to search? How and what do they collect? Are they doing this for ARC, or for their own research?

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Astatine, 1 Twilight Carnival Badge, 1 Autumn Produce Basket, 1 Autumn Foraging Basket, and 1 ticket to our Mega Raffle!
Join the Search

Jam Jamboree

It is a widespread custom during the Twilight Carnival to make home-cooked foods. It is said exchanging cultural food helps us all come together; food transcends even the most arduous of borders. Not all of us are fantastic cooks, however- so this simple jam recipe is popular among many Alurizan residents.

Follow along with our recipe (or any other recipe) and try your hand at making some jam for the Twilight Carnival!

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Astatine, 1 Twilight Carnival Badge, 1 Autumn Produce Basket, 1 Autumn Foraging Basket, and 1 ticket to our Mega Raffle!

Get Jammin'


Prizes & Freebies

The Twilight Carnival is a holiday of sharing and celebration - what better way to give back to the community than with free items every week?



During the Twilight Carnival, we will drop a free Gift Bag in the shops for everyone to pick up; the contents of this bag are a random surprise but will always contain the rare element Astatine! Open it from your inventory to see what kind of prizes you get!


Join us in our Discord for our second Bingo Xingo - a Xero-themed Bingo game that lasts all month! Every day new words are called and when you get 5 in a row, you get a prize! Prizes include Prestige, Astatine, Autumn Baskets, and tickets to the Mega Raffle!

Twilight Carnival Mega Raffle

The Twilight Carnival Mega Raffle will run the entire month! There will be 10 winners with 10 different prizes! Raffle tickets can be earned by participating in the Event Prompts, Getting Xingos in our Discord, completing your Mushroom Foraging Collection, and more!


Monthly Prompts

Finally, as always, we still have our monthly repeating prompts, XOTM & ARC Survey!



11 2022 XOTM: woufe's  X-338

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 006

The lantern fruits are carved, the sweetsaps spiced, and the evenings are crisp; it must be Carnival time!

The question this time is: how do YOU celebrate it? We are ever so curious about what traditions you have taken up or what new Xero experiences you have to share and make Aluriza that much more vibrant!

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