12 2023 Updates!

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Team Fruit is declared the winner!

The winter chill indicates prime growing season has passed, so you’re very happy that the interior of the greenhouse is humidity and temperature controlled. Walking in, you can loosen your scarf.

You spot Tilly, who is talking to some other workers quite excitedly. When they spot you she turns and waves you over.

“Oh my sun and stars! You have absolutely perfect timing! Have you seen the news?” You shake your head and she takes it as an opportunity to summarize.

“We won!! But I never doubted you! Us Korso have known for millennium the true nature of the lantern fruit. And now? Everyone else knows too!”

She’s beaming, positively soaking in the satisfaction of being right like the soil soaks in the rain. She pulls a folded piece of paper from her overall pocket and hands it to you.

“Here’s the official letter from ARC confirming the lantern fruit's classification, have a look for yourself!”

One of her coworkers pulls her attention as you skim over the letter; the sounds of happy chatter fade into the background as you intensely focus. It dawns on you that public opinion has seemed to impact science in a very surprising way.



Team Fruit
1st Place

5990 Points


Team Veggie
2nd Place

5829 Points

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Team Fruit vs Team Veggie: Results!

Congratulations TEAM FRUIT With a final score of 5990 points!
What an amazing show! This solidifies the Lantern Fruit was classified in the correct way to begin with according to public opinion. Thank you all so much for participating!

:teamveggie:Chin up, team Veggie! It was a very close race, with the final score being 5829 points on your end! Although the Lantern Fruit is classified officially as a fruit, no science can confirm it would be tasty in most baked goods. Let’s stick to stews and salads, culinarily!

:teamfruit: With the event coming to a close that also means all Team Fruit members received an extra 10 tickets each into our Mega Raffle, which has now concluded! Congrats to our winners! You will be contacted shortly to inform you of your win and asked to choose a specific prize for those who won things like vials and beakers!

You may also notice that your Twilight Carnival 2023 badge has had its art updated to reflect the final results; enjoy your badge of honor for this incredibly important debate!

❗️ Important Updates for 2024 ❗️

This is the very last month of 2023, and what a year it has been! We are proud of what we have achieved this year and we cannot wait to plan a fun-filled 2024 for all of you!

At the beginning of this year, we introduced Wish Shards to allow our users to gain 2 free MYO slots per year. We’re very pleased with the reception this has had and we cannot wait to continue in 2024 with some more changes for the next year to make our economy stronger!
This month, we will be reaching out to a few community members directly to discuss our plans and receive proper feedback before we move forward with any large sweeping changes to our entire userbase; we are only so many people after all! If you are reached out to for feedback and choose to give us any, we thank you very much for your time and effort!
We want only the best for our game and community, so we're taking these changes and feedback extremely seriously to ensure that anything we update will be fair for all players.
With any changes, we will give all of you a heads up on exactly our plans before they go into effect. This may mean that the rollover yearly Basic MYO’s may be delayed in the beginning of next year or given a “grace period” before anything changes. We will to come to you all with a clear plan as soon as we finalize our ideas. Thank you so much for the support we have been given!

A note on Crafting

We also thank you for the incredibly warm reception to our soft launch of our Crafting feature!

With all the testing and feedback we have received over the month, we now have a much better idea of what needs to be done to improve this activity going forward!

We cannot wait to beef up crafting once we have the resources to do so. We will keep you all posted once we have a more solidified ETA!

Crafting is not going anywhere for the recipes we currently have and please, if you happen to have any fertilizer still left over, no need to toss it! We have plans for that item and many more once Crafting becomes more robust! Keep foraging and collecting materials, you never know how they may be used!

Season of Giving

A tradition at this point is coming back for the holiday season; the Galactic Gift prompt has had its rewards doubled for the month of December! This is your chance to recoup a bit of Prestige from our event and give a gift to a friend at the same time!

This prompt can be submitted 4 times per user!

THe Reward Bonus will END on Sunday, December 31st AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST


Returning Seasonal Fruit

Image example of Xero Trait 'Fur Pads'

A seasonal fruit is back in fashion! The Astera Thistle, a fruit that allows your Xero to have fluffy paw pads, is available in the Greenhouse for the month of December! Snatch it up before it is gone!

REGULAR Monthly Prompts

Finally, as always, we still have our monthly repeating prompts, XOTM & ARC Survey!


12 2023 XOTM: ZytoMega's  X-678

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 019

Do Xeros have specific traditions they follow in the winter months? Notably, many societies develop gift giving and family oriented holidays and traditions during the colder months, do Xeros follow suit? What does that look like for them?

Participate in ARC's Survey




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