Frequently Asked Questions

Created: 28 June 2021, 03:36:55 EDT
Last updated: 14 November 2023, 13:38:46 EST


How do I make an account?
  1. First, read our Rules. Then, click ‘Register’ in the upper right corner. On mobile, this is found under the 3 line menu at the top.

  2. Next, confirm your email. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you do not receive the email, please contact us!

  3. Lastly, verify your account. Navigate to Account > Settings. You will be prompted to verify your account with either Twitter or DeviantArt! This connects your Project Xero account to your social media, and any characters you own that are listed under one of your social media accounts will be instantly added to your accounts when you join!

Project Xero will not, and does not have the ability to control or access any personal information on your DeviantArt or Twitter account, or post anything on your behalf using your account.

Do I need my own Xero to make an account on the website or join the Discord?

Nope! You don’t need one to join the community. Both are free for anyone to join, so long as you follow the rules!

Why do I have to link a social media page to join?

Linking a social media page is required to validate your identity and keep the game fair, as we limit one account per person on the site. When you make an account on Project Xero, you must link either a DeviantArt account or a Twitter account, to verify your identity. Project Xero will not, and does not have the ability to control or access any personal information on your DeviantArt or Twitter account, or post anything on your behalf using your account. 



Can I make my own Xero?

Xeros are a species concept belonging to NeonSlushie and ScrapTeeth; you are not allowed to make one freely without permission. Our chosen Guest Artists may make adoptables of them under set rules, and members can earn the ability to make their own by playing the game. However, we certainly do not claim ownership of the idea of fuzzy alien creatures. If you want to make a furry alien original character, go for it, so long as it does not resemble a Xero too closely!

How do I get an official Xero?

Xeros can be purchased from NeonSlushie, ScrapTeeth, or our Geneticists when new ones are put up for sale. We will also occasionally run raffles or other events that you can participate in for a chance to win a free Xero! You can also get them from other members who are selling or trading theirs. In addition, each member has the opportunity to make their own Xeros by participating in our community and game! For more information on obtaining Xeros, see the Buying / Selling section of the FAQ!

How can I get MYO (Make Your Own) slots?

You can earn a MYO slot by participating in the game! All information on MYOs can be found on the MYO Info page. In addition, we occasionally sell MYO slots for USD in the Discord or on the Sales page. We also give them away as free prizes from time to time!

What can I do with my Xero?

Essentially, you treat it as any other character you own; you can draw it, name it, develop its personality, roleplay with it, commission art or plushies of it, or even a fursuit if you desire.  But there are more perks! There is a whole community, with mini-games, events, and other things to do that you can earn in-game currency by participating.

What are subspecies? 

Subspecies (also called subtypes) are classifications of Xeros that posess certain traits adapted to the specialized environments they live in, making them unique to the “Standard” Xero species. Click HERE to learn more about the different subspecies of Xeros!

What traits can a Xero have? 

All known traits can be found HERE. Some traits are exclusive to the different subspecies.

How can I obtain ___ trait? 

Under “All Traits” you can find the corresponding item to allow your Xero to obtain that trait. Some items are seasonal or only available during certain events. We recommend joining the official Xero Discord and trading items with fellow players to obtain items that may be out-of-season!

What is a Glitched Xero? How do I obtain the Glitched status? 

A Glitched status may be inflicted upon a Xero by visiting Atelier. Having the Glitched status allows traits that wouldn’t normally be available to a Xero to be displayed, such as Marine Xero having the Desert Ears trait.



How is a Xero’s 'Sale Value' determined? 

A Xero's sale value is determined by the original amount it was purchased for. If a Xero was purchased for 150 USD, it’s sale value will reflect this. Sale values can be found on the Xero's Masterlist page, under 'Stats'.

Sale values may be updated to include the cost of things such as purchased artwork, crafts, etc. Artwork that was obtained for free, such as gift art, trade art, or personal art does not contribute to a higher sale value. You can update your Xero's sale value HERE.

All free raffle/gift Xeros have a set sale value of $0.00 USD.

Can I sell my Xero but keep the old design/keep the design as a different species?

To put it simply, no. When selling, trading, or gifting a Xero design to a new owner, all assets must be transferred over, including old designs or redesigns. If your Xero was based on an existing personal OC, the two designs must remain together and cannot be split apart, as it would not be fair to the new owner to have an identical design belonging to someone else.



What are prompts?

Prompts are activities players can participate in to receive rewards. Some prompts are limited-time events, and some can be submitted weekly. There are different categories of activities; click HERE to see them!

Please be sure to check individual prompts for more information. All rules, expectations, and submission requirements are found within the prompts themselves. 

How do I submit a prompt? 

To submit, please follow the rules listed on any prompt under the 'Instructions' section. 

This section can be viewed by clicking “Show details” on the prompt. Some prompts ask that you upload to specific Galleries before submitting.

What are Badges?

Badges are awarded to those participating in certain Event Prompts. They are fun little decorations for your profile to show off your accomplishments. Extra badges can be turned into the traveling Badge Collector NPC for extra rewards.



How do I become a Geneticist (Guest Artist)? 

Within Project Xero, “Guest Artists” are known as Geneticists. Applications are available occasionally through the Official Xero Discord. Applicants are expected to have a wide variety of previous design work and Xero art examples. We also prefer to choose those who are active in our community.

Someone is using artwork/ making unofficial designs/ stealing xeros. What can I do?

We ask you file a report with a member of the team. DO NOT harass or contact the user on your own. 

I am being bullied/ harassed/ I generally feel unsafe. What can I do?

The Project Xero team is dedicated to cultivating an open and safe community for all of its members. If you are having trouble with another member we ask that you contact a moderator and we will do our best to help you. 

You can also report a user through the website itself by viewing their profile and clicking the report button. ⚠️

Please keep in mind our reach to help with these issues is usually limited to our website and official Discord. 

A minor has entered the official Xero Discord. What should I do?

You may report this to a member of our staff team. Please include evidence of such claims. 

While the Project Xero website is available for members 13+ to join, we do not believe in facilitating chat rooms where adults and minors can interact for the safety of both parties. You must be 18+ to join the official Discord. 



What do these symbols mean? -  

From left to right: Gift art, Gift writing, Sales and Trade offers. 

When these icons are RED it means the character is CLOSED for receiving gift work or inquiries on sales or trades.

When these icons are YELLOW , it means you must ASK the owner before proceeding with any gift work, or sales and trading discussion. 

When these icons are GREEN it means the character is OPEN for gift work and the owner is accepting inquiries on sales and trading discussion. 

Xeros that are up for sale or trade offer are often posted in the Marketplace section of the Official Xero Discord under #xero-marketplace. Those looking to draw gift artwork or writing will have an easier time finding Xeros to draw or write about in the Creative section's #xero-art-requests channel.

What are the creatures in my 'Index'? 

Creatures such as “Boolew” can be found while participating in certain events and acticities. Your Index is a record of these findings, allowing you to learn a bit more about the fascinating flora and fauna of Owai-6 and surrounding solar systems. Can you study all the known creatures?

I haven’t received my rewards/ I’ve been given too many or too little of a certain resource?

You can check your Item Logs and Bank from your Profile to validate all transactions. If you find you’ve been missed in receiving a certain reward please contact a member of the staff team and we will fix it!

If you’ve been given too many of a reward, you’ll likely see an accompanying admin note listing the mistake. We may remove your extra rewards with a note, or request you send them to the Admin account. This helps keep the game fair and fun for everyone!

It’s very unlikely this will occur, but since all prompts are processed manually by our Admin team, sometimes mistakes happen. 

What is Prestige/Astatine/United-Systems Ducat used for? 

All the currencies have descriptions that can be read HERE.

Prestige is the standard currency for the official Project Xero website and can be used to in-game items and even sometimes artwork within our community. It is earned through completing Prompts and through player interactions. 

The economy on Project Xero is player-run and there are no strict rules on conversion rates between these currencies. Use your own digression when purchasing/trading with others. 

How do I use items?

Items can be traded with other players or NPCs as well as attached to MYO slots to obtain certain traits on a Xero. 

Navigating to our Encyclopedia will allow you to read about any item, including how it’s obtained and where to use it. 

Information about attaching items to your MYOs or to a Xero redesign can be found on their corresponding pages.




What is the Gallery, and why should I use it?

The Gallery is where you can share any Project Xero related artwork, writing, or crafts you have made of your characters, other's characters, or NPCs! It is a great place to start earning a bit of in-game currency, as every piece of unique art you upload to the Gallery will earn you 1 Prestige, even if it wasn't for a Prompt. Using the Gallery for your Prompt submissions also helps us stay organized.

Which Gallery should I upload to?

The Gallery is split into subsections. The main Gallery is for artwork/writing by you for your own Xeros, artwork/writing you were commissioned for, or trades between users. 

The Galactic Gift gallery is for gift art/writing of other's Xeros. This work does NOT have to be submitted to the Galatic Gift prompt to be included in this gallery. 

Expeditions and Holiday are for event related art. The event's prompts will link you to where the work should be uploaded. 

The Passport gallery is for uploading a passport relating to the Passport Application Prompt.

Uploading the correct gallery is extremely helpful for our staff team to keep things organized; however, if you find you’ve mistakenly uploaded something where it doesn't belong, its okay! The staff has the ability to move gallery submissions and we will fix your mistakes. 

I’ve uploaded art on a base to a gallery but didn’t receive my rewards. Why?

Currently, artwork uploaded to any gallery must be your own creation. If a base of yours is used in multiple uploads, you will only receive a reward for the initial upload using the base. Artwork using another’s base may be hidden from the galleries if it is mistakenly accepted.