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Created: 10 March 2022, 23:08:34 EST
Last updated: 7 May 2024, 23:38:04 EDT
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Project XERO is an ARPG concept by NeonSlushie & ScrapTeeth

To add a Xero to our Database, you can either adopt one from one of our Geneticists or earn Prestige through the game to make your own Xero.


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What is a Xero?

Xero Info Subspecies Traits

A Xero - pronounced like ‘Zero’ - is a species of alien experiments that are ‘rebuilt’ from the species’ original DNA, combined with the DNA of other creatures from across the galaxy! There are several subspecies of Xero, each with unique features and traits.


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Making An account

Currently, the Project Xero website is invite-only. You can get an invite code by opening a ticket in our Discord or send a DM to us on social media!

You do not need to have your own Xero yet in order to make an account! However, to own a Xero, you must have an account on this website, as character ownership is handled through our Masterlist

1. Register

First, read our Rules. Then, click ‘Register’ in the upper right corner. On mobile, this is found under the 3 line menu at the top.

We recommend choosing a username similar to the one you use on other sites and social media, to help with character owner recognition.

2. confirm email

Next, confirm your email. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you do not receive the email, please contact us!

It may take a while to arrive - be sure to check your spam folder. If it's been over 24 hours and you still have not received it, let us know!

3. Verify your Account
Log in to your account and navigate to your settings. You will be prompted to verify your account with DeviantArt!

Project Xero will not, and does not have the ability to control or access any information on your social media account(s), or post anything on your behalf.

**We are currently working on another form of verification besides DeviantArt!


Getting A Xero

While owning a Xero is not required to participate in the community or enjoy the species, lets be real; it's probably why you're here! There are a few different ways to get your paws on one, including options that are completely free! The Project Xero community prides itself in being extremely welcoming to new members, and we have special affordable sales nearly every month for those who do not yet have their own Xero.


Official Xeros

Xeros can be purchased from NeonSlushie or other official Guest Artists when new ones are put up for sale! We will also occasionally run raffles or other events that you can participate in for a chance to win a free Xero!

Our Discord is the best way to stay notified of any official sales. We sometimes sell them here on the site too!

See What's for Sale
Make Your Own Xero

Every Project Xero member has the ability to earn one free MYO slot, which can be earned with in-game currency in the ARC Lab.

In addition, MYO slots may be given away for free occasionally as prizes for events or holidays or sold by our staff - join our Discord to stay up to date with the latest news!

Learn More About MYO Slots
Trade for a Xero

Members may sometimes trade their Xeros for other Xeros, other characters, art, and more!

Xeros can be listed as UFT (Up For Trade) on the Masterlist, and you can bookmark your favorite Xeros to get a site notification if they're UFT! Trades between members occur most frequently in our Discord server.

Xeros Up For Trade


Participate in Activities

Prestige is the standard currency for the official Project Xero website and can be used to purchase MYO slots, upgrades & new traits for your Xeros, and even sometimes artwork within our community! It is earned through completing prompts and through player interactions.

Special items may be purchased with the rare currency Astatine and the premium currency, United-Systems Ducats, will be added in the future. You can learn more about the different currencies, their place in the Xero universe, and what you can purchase with them HERE.

The economy on Project Xero is player-run and there are no strict rules on conversion rates between these currencies. Use your own digression when trading with others.


  • Participate in Prompts:
    All prompts - Click on the magnifying glass to view prompts from each category! Click 'show details' to see the rules & information for each prompt.
    Prompts are activities players can participate in to receive rewards. Some prompts are limited-time events, and some can be submitted weekly. There are different categories of activities, some are exclusive to Xero owners, but most are available to all players! Some prompts require art or writing entries, but some allow you to participate by doing real-life activities!

  • Submit Art to the Gallery:
    Gallery - Any Xero-related artwork or writing submitted to the Gallery will earn 5 Prestige!
    This includes art you do for prompts, commissions, gifts, personal art, etc. It's a nice way to show off your work to the community and earn a little bonus currency for what you've made! Artwork submitted to the Gallery must be unique, colored art created by yourself in order to be eligible for Prestige. Template 'YCH' art and uncolored sketches are permitted to be posted, but do not earn Prestige.

  • Other:
    We may occasionally host game nights & other events in the Discord that feature in-game currency & items as prizes!

    • More ways of earning Prestige will be added frequently!


I have a Xero! Now What?

Essentially, you treat it as any other character you own; you can draw it, name it, develop its personality, roleplay with it, commission art or plushies of it, or even a fursuit if you desire.  But there are more perks! There is a whole community, with mini-games, events, prompts, and other things to do that you can earn in-game currency for by participating.

If you’d like to make any changes to your Xero’s design or add some new traits, please have a look at our Redesign Guide!


We have a questions channel in our Discord, but you can also contact any member of our staff!