Twilight Carnival 2023

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a sizzling debate breaks out the eve before twilight carnival!


On their long journey to the bountiful shore which would later become the Harbor, the first Korso settlers traveled across the vast steppes with little more than the clothes on their back. Along the way, they were sustained by the humble Lantern Fruit. During the first blackouts, the fruit’s bioluminescence guided travelers through the darkness and to safety and served as a source of comforting light to families huddling in their newly built homes. The fruit’s husk came in handy as the travelers constructed their new dwellings, and could be fashioned into various tools and containers. And of course, its pulp was simmered into savory stews and all sorts of dishes—when the fruit wasn’t simply being eaten raw, that is. Some scholars argue that without this useful and easy-to-grow food source, the fledgling civilization of Harbor would have succumbed to famine in those first few harrowing years. With the availability of other materials, many practical uses for the gourd have since fallen out of common practice.

However, the Lantern Fruit is still one of Owai-6’s most recognizable staple plants, and Alurizians still commemorate its importance by carving the gourd into decorative works, which hang cheerfully in the streets of Harbor, B’haddu, Torini, and the like. However, the Lantern Fruit has recently become the topic of discussion for another reason: its impending recategorization. Owai-6’s beloved “fruit” may not be a fruit at all. The recent public debate began when one notable voice in the culinary world, Chef Sapid Sizzle, took to Chatter to offer up a different perspective—with a side of salt! In a seemingly casual recipe post, Sizzle wrote: 

"Ah, the humble Lantern Fruit. While we may not rely on it as totally as we once did, this ingredient still finds its way into many of Owai's signature dishes. No Korso fine dining restaurant worth its five-star rating would be caught without Lantern Fruit bisque, and no street vendor worth their salt would neglect to carry Lantern Fruit slush in the hot summer months. But I’ve always thought it odd that though the Lantern Fruit is such a popular staple of our home, many people just simply get it wrong. Through my many years of experience in both the kitchen and garden, I can tell you that not once have I looked at one of these and thought “fruit.” It’s a vegetable."

In the rest of the post, Sizzle went on to describe a labor-intensive dish that involved fermenting, simmering, and flambé-ing Lantern Fruit peel, with a final result that barely tasted of Lantern Fruit at all. But although his recipe never quite garnered much attention, his assertion about the true nature of Lantern Fruit blew up overnight, prompting even the ARC Greenhouse’s official Chatter account to comment: “It’s a fruit. Trust us, we’re scientists.”

The matter was later complicated when many Chatter users pointed out certain botanical features of the Lantern Fruit plant: such as the fact the gourds lack true seeds! A win for Team Veggie, which was also bolstered when users dug up a research paper that seemed to outline further inconsistencies with standard botanical classification guidelines. The resulting scrutiny prompted the paper’s author to comment: “Guys, I was a grad student when I wrote this and I finished it literally overnight so I wouldn’t fail BIO 20010, so please stop showing up at my house with microphones because I truly have no comment.”

But it seems the people of Owai-6 do in fact want a final answer when it comes to our favorite gourd, and with the Twilight Carnival fast approaching, there is no denying this topic will be become dinner table talk for hundreds of thousands of Alurizans. With pressure mounting to get to the bottom of this mystery, the ARC Greenhouse has announced, in collaboration with Sizzle’s Café, a competition open to the public!

Popular opinion will determine: is it Lantern Fruit or Veggie?

Join a Team!

Fill out the team assignment prompt to get added to one of the event teams!

Click for all the details!

Team Fruit vs Team Veggie

Join a team and prove once and for all (totally scientifically definitive) that Owai-6's most infamous gourd is a FRUIT!?  VEGETABLE!? 

Once you've joined a team, you'll be directed by Tilly the Korso or Vas'Amargo the Varox to help grow your team's Lantern Fruit by participating in prompts or crafting fertilizer to earn Kilos! At the end of the month, the team with the biggest Lantern Fruit will be declared the winner! But that's not all! Individuals will find a leaderboard and rank system tied to how many Kilos you contribute!

Those who go above and beyond to earn 200 or more points for their team will earn the Super Fruit rank title & 5 extra Raffle Tickets!

Joining a team grants you your team's badge, 1 Orbit, and 1 Raffle Ticket.

Help out your team by crafting!

Crafting Fertilizer and Premium Fertilizer will yield 1 point and 5 points respectively for your team! The recipes for these items are completely free and can be crafted as many times as you have materials for. Let's get crafting!

This contest ENDs on Tuesday, November 30th AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

Free Gifts, Crafting, & Foraging!

Each week, all users will be able to grab one free Carnival Gift from Jackpot Planet with a chance at Astatine, Prestige, Orbits and more! Log in for the weekly turnover to claim your gift! Remember, if you forget to claim your gift before the weekly reset you will miss out!

Each Gift Bag always contains:
Each Bag will also contain 1 of the following:

Crafting New Baskets

With the new Crafting Systemwe're excited to announce three basket blueprints! Blueprints allow you to assemble your foraged items into bigger, better prizes using ARC Lab's MAKR Machine. In each basket you will find various items, such as limited-time Seasonal Produce, rarer gemstones, and everyone's favourite element: Astatine! Start crafting your baskets and see how luck rewards you!

Blueprints can be obtained for free in each weekly Carnival Gift. A limited number of additional blueprints can be purchased in Jackpot Planet, and baskets themselves can be earned from certain prompts, won as prizes, or even foraged!

❗️ Before you start crafting! ❗️

Some of the new recipes take multiple ingredient varieties, such as any produce item. Please make sure you are using the items you wish to use before you click 'craft' so you do not lose out on an item you want to hold on to! The crafting system will automatically select random items for these multi-item ingredient recipes, so you must double check to make sure it selects the ones you want to use and deselect the ones you do not want to use.
We will not be able to restore items for those who use them mistakenly, so please be careful when crafting.
New Foraging Location!
To help you find the items you'll need to craft Fertilizer & Baskets, we have a temporary Foraging location: Autumn Path!
This location only drops items needed for the crafting recipes, as well as a rare chance for Baskets, Orbits, or last year's Foraging Mushrooms, for those who wish to collect them or simply sell them for some extra Prestige.

Free gifts, blueprints, and the Autumn Path location will no longer be available after Tuesday, November 30th AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

Seasonal Prompts

Returning prompts are back for the month of November!
Do these two autumn-themed prompts to gain Orbits, points for your team, and extra raffle tickets for our Mega Raffle! 

Leaf Press


Commemorate the wonderful colors of the season by collecting fallen leaves. These are usually gathered around Carnival time and often pressed and used as decorations around the home. Strung together or pressed for display, it’s a wonderful tradition to preserve a little bit of autumn.

Collect some plants to press (Fresh flowers and leaves work best) OR collect mushrooms to grab their spore prints! Remember to collect your materials sustainably and respectfully. 

Link to the prompt

Jam Making


It is a widespread custom during the Twilight Carnival to make home-cooked foods. It is said exchanging cultural food helps us all come together; food transcends even the most arduous of borders. Not all of us are fantastic cooks, however- so this simple jam recipe is popular among many Alurizan residents.

Cook a delicious jam made from whatever you would like! We even have a recipe for you to follow along. Be safe and careful when preparing hot jam!

Link to the prompt

Each prompt may only be submitted once per user!

THese prompts END on Tuesday, November 30th AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

a previously discovered fungus gains a new use!

This curious cap oozes with potent pigments. Dyes made from Sugar Drop leave deep, lasting stains on many surfaces, so the mushroom has found early popularity in the cosmetics and fashion industries.

Recently, though, this funky fungus has risen to new heights of popularity throughout Owai-6 as a new fad has been discovered - dyed teeth! Biting into a Sugar Drop will sink that stain deep into the teeth of an intrepid gastronomer, leaving them indefinitely visually adjusted. Rumor has it this unusual property was first discovered by an ARC intern, who boldly chomped down on the fungus mere seconds after having been told that it wasn't poisonous.

Despite the name, however, Sugar Drop isn’t exactly easy on the taste buds - though harmless, the pigment is sticky, bitter, and astringent, with a tendency to linger on the tongue for hours after. Such is the price we pay for fashion…

Image example of Xero Trait 'Colored Teeth'

a new trait: Colored Teeth!

Braving the astringent Sugar Drop allows a Xero to stain their teeth any color they desire! The enamel-stained color can also be as subtle or vivid as the Xero wants. Curiously, the Sugar Drop dyes every tooth in the consumer's mouth. This means that the Xero must commit to the same color on each of their teeth and may not mismatch colors. Go all in!

returning seasonal fruit:

Available all month in the Greenhouse and Jackpot Planet!


Hake Nut, Mult Fruit, Goodroop Berry, Spikul Fruit, and Harvest Fairy all make a return!

Users can purchase 1 of each fruit in the Greenhouse. Additional fruits can be won at Jackpot Planet or found in Baskets!

Games & Prizes

To celebrate Twilight Carnival, we have some pretty spectacular prizes available this month; you don't want to miss out on this!


It's Xingo time again! Join us in our Discord (18+) for Xingo - a Xero-themed Bingo game that lasts all month!

Every day new words are called and when you get 5 in a row, you get a prize! This time, we're introducing a few new ways to earn prizes: Patterns & Secret Words!
Each line, pattern, or secret word will earn you 1 Orbit & 1 ticket to our Mega Raffle! You can learn all about it in our brand new prompt, which is where you'll go to claim your prizes!
Xingo sign-ups are now closed, but be sure to join our Discord to join next time!


A new peculiar location has opened in the bustling shopping district of Harbor: Jackpot Planet!

With the introduction of this shop comes a new currency as well: Orbits! These are a new event-only currency that may be used at Jackpot Planet to redeem special prizes! You can earn these through Xingo, our Seasonal Prompts, and sometimes in our Free Weekly Goodie Bag!

Additionally, you may hold on to your Orbits for the next event if you would like to save up for something bigger, the choice is entirely up to you!


Twilight Carnival Mega Raffle

The Twilight Carnival Mega Raffle will run the entire month! There will be 26 winners with different prizes! Raffle tickets can be earned by participating in the Event Prompts and getting Xingos in our Discord!
❗️ all members of The winning Fruit or Veggie team gain 10 extra raffle tickets! ❗️

Note: The MYO prizes will be given as already-opened slots with a sale value of $0.

REGULAR Monthly Prompts

Finally, as always, we still have our monthly repeating prompts, XOTM & ARC Survey!


11 2023 XOTM: queijac's  X-647!

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 018

How do Xeros dress? Do they follow trends? Have a specific fashion sense? Or maybe a majority of them use their fur to show off their fashion! We want to know how your Xero likes to express themselves through clothes and accessories!

Participate in ARC's Survey





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