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New Activities!

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Who's ready for lots of new prompts & ways to earn Prestige? 👀
🎁 First up, we've updated the Galactic Gift Prompt to now also accept gift WRITING! So now both art & writing can be submitted!
Draw or write about someone else's Xero & earn some Prestige! Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
REWARD: 5 Prestige! Can be submitted weekly.
Next, another new Prompt has been added...
💫 WISHING STAR - What are your Xero's goals & aspirations? Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
Draw or write about your Xero's goals, dreams, and aspirations! What is something they hope to do or see in the future? It can be something big or small!
Don't have a Xero of your own yet? You can draw or write about Ziggy, our mascot!
REWARD: 10 Prestige! Can be submitted once for each Xero you own.
Finally, another big Prompt as well... 
⛺️ REAL LIFE EXPEDITION - Go on a "real life" expedition! Go to a local park or accredited zoo, and look for interesting plants and animals. Click 'Show Details' for the rules!
See a cool mushroom on a log? A squirrel or duck? Snap a picture! Identify each plant or animal you photograph, and write 1 fact about it! Must be at least 5 different specimens. Remember to wash your hands after your excursion!
REWARD: 20 Prestige! Can be submitted once per month. BONUS: While you can do this prompt just with photos and writing, if you decide to also sketch the plants and animals, you will earn 10 bonus Prestige, for a total of 30!
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord!

Xero MYO Slots Are Now Available!

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A significant hurdle in restoring an extinct species is figuring out how to safely develop the organism outside of a natural process. To solve this issue, Project scientists modified ORB technology to create a specialized variant that serves as an artificial egg for a developing Xero. After it’s initial synthesis, the embryo is placed in containment to complete its development to a point where it can continue to grow without such support.

This ORB contains all the necessary nutrients and fluids to mimic the sterile internal environment of a natural Xero egg and help facilitate healthy growth. The special shell is clear on the top to allow scientific observation & ensure healthy development of the Xero.



Every member has the opportunity to earn one free MYO slot with Prestige by participating in our game. This slot allows you to create your own Xero any way you want!
In addition, we've also launched the first batch of Trait Items - giving your Xero (or MYO slot Xero) one of these berries allows them to develop new traits. More trait items coming soon!
All of these items can be purchased in the first on-site shop, the ARC Laboratory. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord! But please read all of the information before doing so, as your question might already be answered! 😊

Marine Expedition 2021!

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One of the chief imports to Alurizan society is knowledge. With it comes innovation, but culturally and scientifically, it is the equitable foundation on which to build a healthy society. This knowledge comes from both within, in the form of laboratory and practical sciences, but also from the outside in the form of expeditions. Whether by probe or manned surveys, the Aluriza continue to expand their knowledge and help where they can, such as with Project XERO.

However, maintaining the logistical requirements of long distance manned exploration, there is a net of respite to be used by anyone; providing food, a place to rest or fuel, it allows a safe network of support for all sorts of travel. Establishing these ‘Rest Stations’, as they are colloquially known, further expands their range of exploration.

This is where you come in:

The Expeditionary Services have identified a system on the edge of AREZ space: Tidix. One of its planets, Tidix-c, is a dead world rich in rare minerals that would serve as an excellent site for an orbital refueling station. However, it has a habitable moon, the surface of which is near entirely ocean. Long distance probes have confirmed that it is free of advanced life, however the ES would like to catalog the various flora and fauna as well as collect samples. This will form a baseline snapshot of the world's ecosystem so it can be carefully monitored, ensuring the rest station and mining operations on the planet's surface do not disrupt the moon’s balance of life.
So, new members of the Aluriza, are you up to the task of assisting the ES in their ecological survey? For those who think they've got what it takes, sign up at your local ranger station today!




This is a month long event with a brand-new, limited time Expedition prompt, in which you get to "discover" (design) a new species of animal or plant found on this water moon. You can read more about the Expedition prompt here.

All skill levels are welcome to participate, and you can draw or write about your new species. ALL participants are entered into a raffle, where the prize is a FREE custom Xero, of the new subspecies: Marine! More to come on that later!


All entries, regardless of idea or skill level, receive the following rewards for participating:

★ 1 Raffle Ticket for the custom Marine Xero Raffle
★ 10 Prestige
★ 1 Marine ORB, which contains 1 of 3 different species of marine life for you to Index, exclusive to this event!

In addition, there will be a 2nd place prize:
Prompt entries will also be judged on how well the concept fits into the world of the Aluriza. One lucky winner will be hand-selected to have their flora or fauna concept be turned into a real item within the ARPG! The winner will also receive a special custom recolor version of their winning item, they can pick the colors! (Rainbow, based on their fursona's colors, etc.) They will be the only recipient of the special item recolor.


It's time to get creative! Good luck out there explorers!

We highly recommend joining the official Project Xero Discord for more updates & community!

Something is swimming in the depths...

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Are you all excited for August, the hottest month of the year?
During August, a lot of us love to find ways to stay cool, some nice cold drinks or maybe a dip in the lake? 

What if we brought that cool summer feeling to you through our First Big Xero Event?  

Yes! Much like a backyard pool party there are plenty of entertaining things coming your way!  A new prompt, a contest, a FREE raffle for a New Subtype of Xero?  Get excited everyone, the fun starts on 8/6! (That is this Friday!

You do not need to own a Xero to participate! This event is open to everyone!