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Jungle Expedition: Report

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"First of all, on behalf of the ACS I would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers who have helped make this operation possible! Initial logistics and surveys have been conducted quickly and we are ready to move on to the next phase, which leads into the next call for volunteers.

The next step is to evaluate the existing viable populations of the native species so we can begin to construct a more complete map of the ecosystem diversity. Once this data has been collected, we can then begin to propose possible conservation efforts we can use to rebuild the ecosystem while still maintaining the natural evolutionary and ecological processes before they were disrupted.

As always, thank you for your talents and compassion!"
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
Good afternoon, Alurizan Citizens! Research of the jungle flora & fauna of Kiah has been going splendidly, and now it's time to write a report!
A big part of Project Xero's mission is to parallel our real world, and inspire wonder and appreciation for it. It is extremely important to shine attention on Earth's ecosystems and how we can help keep them around. Education and conservation are of the utmost importance!
Your next assignment is to write a research paper! Choose a real endangered animal that can be found in a rainforest (any rainforest on Earth, doesn't have to be the Amazon!) and research ways we’re helping protect the species.
Your paper should cover the following topics:
★ an introduction to the animal
★ its range and habitat
★ behaviors and what its diet is
★ its conservation status and possible threats
Want to earn an extra 5 Prestige? Draw your animal and attach it as an image when submitting. Please be sure to view the “Bonus Requirements” of the prompt information to ensure you’re submission qualifies for all rewards.
🌳 Complete your report by THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 11:59PM EST! Plenty of time to get writing! 🌳 
Doing so will net you special rewards! Including: 

★ A raffle entry for a Free Xero!
★ 10 Prestige
★ 1 Astatine
★ 1 Virgule Mushroom - a new seasonal item!

BONUS: 5 Prestige for including artwork!
Get working, everyone! I can't wait to read your reports! More details HERE:
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
In addition, due to the wonderful research being carried out on Kiah, a new plant has been discovered that, when consumed, causes a new mutation to appear in Xeros! The Virgule Mushroom causes Xeros to have Horizontal Pupils! 👀
Perhaps with continued research, a creature might be discovered that could help sequence a new subspecies of Xero? 🤔 🔎


Jungle Expedition: Survey

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The completion of Tidix Station opened up access to areas of space not yet explored by Aluriza and large-scale surveying could begin. This was initially done via exploratory probes collecting a broad range of investigational data, which was then analyzed to create higher-resolution mapping as well locate points of interest for further expeditionary operations.
The planet of Kiah was rediscovered in this new area of space; once a verdant and lush world with a vast rainforest covering the majority of its surface, it now bears the scars of Blight occupation with large swaths of the ecosystem extracted. While the forests have done much to adapt and try to regrow, unfortunately the data gathered on its current condition indicates that it is on the verge of cascade collapse of the planetary ecosystem. It is believed that the biosphere of Kiah can be stabilized and allowed to naturally recover as long as the right approach is taken.
While most ecological projects can be maintained by automated systems and expert observers, this one is at such a scale that additional volunteers are needed. Thus, the Alurizian Civil Service has put out the call for this undertaking; citizens with relevant skills, or even just a desire to help, can apply to assist.
The ACS has outlined the objectives as such:

A massive ecological project has been launched to evaluate and hopefully reverse the damage to the biologically diverse world of Kiah. Beginning with in-depth data collection, analysis/creation of an actionable plan, reparation of biological systems (directed terraforming begins, with strategic reforestation, introduction of original organisms, possible restoration of extinct species), and finally construction of long-term monitor systems to ensure healthy recovery.
If this is a task that fits your interest and skills, your help is always needed!"


One of the chief imports to Alurizan society is knowledge. With it comes innovation, but culturally and scientifically, it is the equitable foundation on which to build a healthy society. This knowledge comes from both within, in the form of laboratory and practical sciences, but also from the outside in the form of expeditions. Whether by probe or manned surveys, the Aluriza continues to expand their knowledge and help where they can, such as with Project XERO.
After the success of implementing respite points, colloquially known as Rest Stations, there has been much interest in manned missions from the public. This has led to an abundance of funding for ARC’s Expeditionary Service, which in turn has opened new opportunities for those who qualify. One such is exploring the depths of the lush foliage jungles of Kiah.
Damaged by the Blight, the ES has tasked its volunteers to record key signs of a resurgence of life in the biosphere. Long-distance probes have captured information about this region's weather, atmosphere, relative humidity, and temperature. However, ES would like to catalog the various flora and fauna as well as collect samples which requires on-foot missions to trek through uncharted territory. This will form a baseline snapshot of the jungles' ecosystem so its recovery can be carefully monitored, ensuring the survival of its undoubtedly fascinating life.
If you are up to the task of assisting the ES in their ecological survey and have passed our entrance test, you may sign on to be properly briefed and outfitted with the best technology to help you conduct your survey!
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
Your job on this gorgeous planet is to catalogue a plant or an animal you find in this sweltering climate! This can be done by drawing it out or writing about it! 
It’s important for any new discovery to think: How does this creature or plant thrive in this environment? What are some features it had evolved for it to survive? Does it live up in the hot tree tops or closer to the cool ground?  
Capture your animal or plant and give me a full report by THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 11:59PM EST! Plenty of time to study your flora or fauna of choice!
All entries, regardless of idea or skill level, receive the following rewards for participating:

★ A raffle entry for a Free Xero!
★ 20 Prestige
★ 1 Astatine
★ 1 Jungle ORB, which contains 1 of 3 different species of jungle life for you to Index, exclusive to this event! 

Get working, everyone! This jungle will not survey itself! More details in our report HERE:


Jungle Expedition: Knowledge

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A yowl bellows through the jungle…
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
Welcome to the uncharted wilderness! A month long event awaits you for April where you will take on the role of Surveyor and provide information back to ARC about the flora and fauna in the lush jungles of Kiah, a nearby planet in AREZ space.
Not a job for the feint of heart, ARC staff in collaboration with the Expeditionary Services are looking for dedicated individuals to carry out such an important task. 
Interested in such a proposition? Head to your local ranger office to sign up! 
Do note that while the Expeditionary Services appreciate any and all help, there are skill tests required for certain placement. It is important that the applicants are up to the requirements of more advanced tasks to ensure the safety and efficacy of staff, volunteers, and environmental concerns.
Your first assignment will be a test to ensure you’re fit for the role. This will take place on 4/9 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST (That’s this Saturday!!)
This quiz will be a Discord-Exclusive event to test your knowledge on some jungles closer to home than those of Kiah, so get ready and study up!
Participating in this event will earn you some Prestige for each question answered correctly, as well as additional prizes based on your final score! Each participant will also receive a ticket 🎟 to enter a raffle for a FREE XERO! (Wonderful design by paradoxxpalms !)
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
This month-long event will include much more than just a quiz - if you missed out on the Marine Event's "Creature Creator" prompt you’ll be happy to know it’s coming back!! 😉
Our goal with this event is to promote and inspire education of the jungles and rainforests on our very own planet, and hopefully, you’ll learn something new! 💚 🌎
We look forward to all the write-ups and new discoveries you’ll be sending back to the Lab!


Twilight Carnival! Major Updates & Events!

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🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃

Time has forgotten who was first to propose the idea of The Twilight Carnival; everyday life was chaos following the Battle of Owai. But one thing is certain: It’s the one event in AREZ you don’t wanna miss! Taking place 30 days before the anniversary of the official beginning of the Alurizian Reserve, it is a celebration of many significant events: the traditional harvest season, a celebration of unity and coming together to be a greater collective.
To reflect this, a large component of the carnival revolves around getting together and sharing your culture with one another. Food, music, games, and more are all featured in a month long celebration of the differences that make us stronger and richer in life together. While each may have their own way of celebrating the holiday, the real place to be is the Capital City, where the largest Twilight Carnival is held. Decorated with the traditional carved lantern fruits and bringing in everything from street food vendors, to traditional craftsman and performers, its where you can see what the Alurizian people really have to show.
You might even treat yourself to some of the many games and festivities, maybe even win yourself some prizes of your own!
🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃
The evening air may be brisk, but the warmth of the Twilight Carnival calls all out for celebration and fun! Taking a stroll down one of the many streets of downtown, you'll find busting market shops decorated in the traditional harvest colors and adorned with spectacle artwork in the form of eye-catching Lantern Fruit carvings. While not part of holiday lore, many people have come to wearing outlandish outfits or showing off some of their cultural dress; impromptu fashion shows are not unheard of! After you’ve had your fill of treats and drink, or if the quiet is more your thing, you can tuck in at one of the many public bonfires. Cozy up with a blanket and some warmed brew to enjoy the companionship of your fellow people or just relax in the crackling glow.
🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃




Project XERO is having its first major holiday, the Twilight Carnival!
★ We have a FREE MYO Raffle, and you can gain more tickets by participating in our weekly activities!
★ Every week there is a free goodie bag on our site that you can claim (there's a new one up today!)
★ There's a new storyline & lore, with a mysterious stranger who can add strange mutations to your Xero!
★ And new adopts every week, including a big FTO batch near the end of the month, and a new subspecies of Xero to be revealed!
Join our Discord for more info!


Welcome the Twilight Carnival with a new Activity!

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🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃
The nights are getting longer, and autumn is in full swing. The Alurizans have their own ways of celebrating their most cherished season; the Twilight Carnival. Months of decorations and autumnal activities lead up to a grand celebration! 
While Alurizans may have their own cultural observances, events like this allow for everyone to come together in a shared holiday experience and have become a long-standing tradition for all.
Fall on Owai-6 is pleasant, with moderate days and cool, crisp nights, perfect for activities. One such event is carving a lantern fruit, a type of gourd which has innards that glow when exposed to the air, signifying its ripeness! These sturdy fruits have a thick, inedible rind but delicious pulp and seeds, and the act of carving them into glowing decorations goes back hundreds of years.
🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃 🍂 🍁 🍃
We have a brand new activity to welcome in the Twilight Carnival! Why not try your hand at carving your own lantern fruit? Carve or decorate a pumpkin or gourd with a Project Xero related theme! Rewards include a sliding scale of Prestige, and a new Twilight Carnival 2021 badge for your profile! 🎃


More about the Twilight Carnival will be coming in November, but for now, get ready and decorate your own lantern fruit! For this prompt, carve or decorate a pumpkin or gourd with a Project Xero related theme! Save your pumpkin seeds - roast them up to get a tasty treat for yourself and a bonus prize!
We'll also have our own carvings available for for example soon, so stay tuned!
★ Any type of pumpkin/gourd of any size is acceptable. If pumpkins aren’t available or accessible where you are you can use something else, such as a squash or even a melon! Just make sure whatever you pick is something that can easily be painted or carved!
★ Multiple gourds can be used for your entry but you will only get one reward!
★ You may use any medium to “decorate” your gourd if you do not have paints or are not comfortable carving. Colored paper, felts, and clay are all accepted as long as it's ON your gourd of choice!

If you don't feel like making your own design, you can use one of our templates! Just print these out onto paper and trace them onto your gourd.

EASY - Just a simple cut-out face for those new to pumpkin carving!
MODERATE - A more detailed stencil of the Project Xero logo with different layers of carvings. 





Depending on the complexity of your entry, you can receive different rewards!
There are three levels of complexity for this activity:
Easy - Basic cut out/painting traced from the simple template. 
Reward: 5 Prestige + Twilight Carnival 2021 Badge
Moderate - Used the more advanced/layered template or carved/traced a Xero’s artwork.
Reward: 10 PrestigeTwilight Carnival 2021 Badge
Difficult - A custom artwork/carving that you designed yourself!
Reward: 15 PrestigeTwilight Carnival 2021 Badge
+5 Prestige if you roast the pumpkin seeds for a snack! Yum! (Photo of prepared seeds with username on paper in the image required!)

Stay tuned for more updates & information about the Twilight Carnival!


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Tomorrow, Friday October 1st @ 6 pm EST...    
What does this mean?
It means that there are 30 new Xeros ready for adoption, and you have the chance to claim a mystery one! 
• Before 6 pm EST I will make a new channel on the Discord, where I will type up the rules. 
• At 6 pm EST, I will open the channel so that people can claim the Gacha Slots. 
• There will be 30 slots available, they are first-come-first-served and one per person, so make sure you are ready!   
• Each slot will be $35 USD. 
• Once all 30 slots are claimed, I will DM those that received one.   
• A placeholder "Xero ORB" will be uploaded to the account of each member who claimed a slot.   
• Once the member pays for the design, the mystery Xero will be revealed! The order of the designs will be pre-determined.  
But what if I don't like the surprise design I get?
Once your design is paid for and revealed, if you find you don't like it, you can TRADE with other members! The same new Discord channel where you claimed your slot will become a 48 hour Gachapon Trading Hub. Swap with other willing members and see all the cool new designs!

I hope everything is clear and makes sense. The image attached has a few teasers of just 6 of the 30 new Xeros - though I distorted the colors a bit on some of them to keep it a surprise still!


Project Xero Pin Pre-Orders!

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Project Xero Pin Pre-Orders are OPEN
The pre-order bundle includes one pin & one 3" glow in the dark sticker. Pins & stickers will be sold separately after pre-order!  
Pre-Order Bundle: $12
USA Shipping: $3.50
International: $15  
Only 50 are available at this time! If they are very popular I may order more in the future, but there's no guarantee.


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Exciting news! I'm hosting a...  

The raffle is being hosted on my Twitter, retweet and follow the instructions to enter!

But wait, there's more! The more RTs it gets, the more designs will be added for the winner to choose from! The winner gets to pick their favorite.
100 RTs - 1 design added
500 RTs - 1 more added
1000+ RTs - 2 more added
If this giveaway gets more than 1,000 RTs, the winner will have 6 different Xeros to pick from. The remaining 5 designs will be sold after!
This will end in one week - September 15th @ 6pm EST time.

EDIT: We hit the first RT goal, so here's the next design!

EDIT: We hit the second RT goal, so here's the next design! Only a few days left to enter!

New Activities!

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Who's ready for lots of new prompts & ways to earn Prestige? 👀
🎁 First up, we've updated the Galactic Gift Prompt to now also accept gift WRITING! So now both art & writing can be submitted!
Draw or write about someone else's Xero & earn some Prestige! Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
REWARD: 5 Prestige! Can be submitted weekly.
Next, another new Prompt has been added...
💫 WISHING STAR - What are your Xero's goals & aspirations? Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
Draw or write about your Xero's goals, dreams, and aspirations! What is something they hope to do or see in the future? It can be something big or small!
Don't have a Xero of your own yet? You can draw or write about Ziggy, our mascot!
REWARD: 10 Prestige! Can be submitted once for each Xero you own.
Finally, another big Prompt as well... 
⛺️ REAL LIFE EXPEDITION - Go on a "real life" expedition! Go to a local park or accredited zoo, and look for interesting plants and animals. Click 'Show Details' for the rules!
See a cool mushroom on a log? A squirrel or duck? Snap a picture! Identify each plant or animal you photograph, and write 1 fact about it! Must be at least 5 different specimens. Remember to wash your hands after your excursion!
REWARD: 20 Prestige! Can be submitted once per month. BONUS: While you can do this prompt just with photos and writing, if you decide to also sketch the plants and animals, you will earn 10 bonus Prestige, for a total of 30!
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord!

Xero MYO Slots Are Now Available!

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A significant hurdle in restoring an extinct species is figuring out how to safely develop the organism outside of a natural process. To solve this issue, Project scientists modified ORB technology to create a specialized variant that serves as an artificial egg for a developing Xero. After it’s initial synthesis, the embryo is placed in containment to complete its development to a point where it can continue to grow without such support.

This ORB contains all the necessary nutrients and fluids to mimic the sterile internal environment of a natural Xero egg and help facilitate healthy growth. The special shell is clear on the top to allow scientific observation & ensure healthy development of the Xero.



Every member has the opportunity to earn one free MYO slot with Prestige by participating in our game. This slot allows you to create your own Xero any way you want!
In addition, we've also launched the first batch of Trait Items - giving your Xero (or MYO slot Xero) one of these berries allows them to develop new traits. More trait items coming soon!
All of these items can be purchased in the first on-site shop, the ARC Laboratory. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord! But please read all of the information before doing so, as your question might already be answered! 😊