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10 2022 Updates!

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🎃 It's Spooky Season! Welcome to October! 🎃  
As usual, we have our two monthly prompts resetting, which you can see below!




10 2022 XOTM: PrincelyPixels ' X-262!

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 005

 Over the years, this season has become a home to many different cultural holidays in many different parts of Owai-6. A popular old fable debates whether its better to be charismatic or clever to achieve the protagonist's goals, and It begs of the the listener; what would they do themselves? So my festive little Xeros, that is your question; is it best to trick…. Or to treat?

Participate in ARC's Survey


 We are also bringing back a fan-favorite for the month of October, the Lantern Fruit Carving prompt!
Carve a gourd of your choice to win Prestige and a Lantern Fruit of your very own! Check out the prompt for more details!


Each of these prompts may only be submitted once per user! Click here for more activities!

THese prompts END Monday, October 31st AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

Autumn Equinox Giveaway

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FTO Autumn Equinox Giveaway!

Design by NeonSlushie !

Click for more info!

🍂 As the Autumn Equinox comes our way, we start bundling up into warmer clothes, seek cozy ways to beat the chilly weather, and enjoy the falling of the leaves…
🦊 And what better way to celebrate this shift but with a new Free Raffle Xero?
🍂 That’s right! This wonderful fox-like Xero is a raffle for FIRST TIME OWNERS! Meaning you have never owned a Xero before! What a way to wander into our community!
🦊 To enter, please join our Discord and add your username to our Thread in #Announcements! We will be adding you all to a raffle bot on the site! 
🍂 We will be rolling this Xero 24 hours from now September 23, @ 1:00 PM EST!
🦊 Good luck all first time owners, and to our Xero Owners, please tell your friends and spread the word!

Free Xero Giveaway!

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Click HERE for information and to join the free giveaway!


In celebration of our 1 year anniversary this weekend, we are giving away a free Xero! The winner can choose one of any of the Xeros shown here!

The Xeros not chosen by the winner will be sold in a special ✨ Gachapon Sale ✨ along with many other new designs on 6/26 - keep an eye out for that! 😉

Amazing art & designs by paradoxxpalms, wallabytea, grannypix, NeonSlushie, and Tarina!

Ends 6/25 @ 6pm EST!

ARC Survey: 001

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Greetings! By now I assume many of you have seen the ARC bulletin, so I figured I’d give a bit of an explanation. Part of my job here with the XERO project involves maintaining active data collection about subjects such as…well, you!

As you know, the project has evolved significantly from our initial scope. As such, one of our goals is to ensure that everyone is fitting in well and adapting to life in the Aluriza Reserve. We also are collecting any feedback you may have regarding your experiences! Such information is extremely helpful, as it allows us to view our culture from an outside perspective and see where we can adapt and grow. Your feedback also helps us with the process of introducing newly-created Xeros to their new life, so that they’ll settle in smoothly. Our goal is to ensure that each and every Xero can find a place to thrive in AREZ. It’s important to make sure your needs as a species are met—especially as your numbers grow!

However, I don’t want this process to become an inconvenience—I've seen how busy some of you can be!—so we'll keep the surveys to a monthly release. OH—and yes, for each successful response, we’ll give you access to the Lab ADC, where we keep various supplies involved in our experiments. Some of the stuff in there might be pretty hard to find elsewhere!

Anyways, thanks in advance for your time. I can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to!
Dr. Naes


ARC Survey: 001

ARC Survey: 001
Hello everyone! Thank you for agreeing to participate in the first survey; we hope it will generate data that can be beneficial to Project XERO, and help us ensure that everyone is adapting well.

I'll get straight to our problem; when we came across the planet you originated from, X-1118A, its surface had long since been scoured of any organic material, save for a few traces. So in order to fill this lack of information and build up our knowledge base, we come to this survey! This particular survey will focus on Xero diets and foods.

What are the kinds of foods you’ve found in your time in AREZ that you’ve enjoyed? This can be snacks, beverages, plants, or cuisine of any kind!

Across all of your submissions, we hope to see some patterns emerge that lend broader insight! Plus, I see a lot of you have been volunteering for all sorts of expeditions; hopefully this information will also help us provide the proper rations for Xeros, in order to cover any specific nutritional needs you may have that are currently unknown to us!


Surveys are a new monthly prompt that members can participate in with their Xeros! Surveys will be focused around developing your Xero's personality and helping researchers at the ARC Lab learn more about these wonderful creatures they've restored. Each survey will last for 1 month, and each month there will be a new one!
Survey 001: Draw or write about your Xero's favorite food! You can use our canon fruits & vegetables for inspiration or completely make something up! Please note that AREZ residents do not eat meat or consume any animal products, but fake meat/dairy products are of course allowed. If your Xero lives outside of AREZ, anything is fair game, but also consider how your Xero might feel about that! How were they raised? What is their culture?
★  Don't have your own Xero yet? You can draw or write about Ziggy, our mascot! You can read all about him on his profile. You may also ask permission to use another member's Xero in our Discord. However, if you do already own a Xero, you must use your own Xero and may not use Ziggy or another user's Xero.
All survey participants will receive the following rewards for participating:


This ORB always contains 1 of the following:

This ORB will also contain 1 of the following:


Participate in the Survey each month to keep earning cool rewards! :zog:




Jungle Expedition: Wrap Up

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As Kiah enters the final phase of the restoration project, we reflect on the work that has led us to this point but also to what the future will hold here. The work done with the initial survey and logistics paved the way for the efficient canvasing of the ecosystem. This data allowed us to form an accurate assessment on the key stresses the rainforests were experiencing, fixing the biggest issues first if possible to curb the rate of collapse. New generation practices learned during the ongoing project XERO coupled with this data gave us a new powerful tool in the fight against extinction, allowing us the ability to introduce new organisms much more quickly by ensuring proper genetic dispersal through the environment.
The one draw back of these cutting edge techniques is it can often be quite resource-intensive to deploy prototype technology at scale. A problem perhaps for a lesser organization, it seems as though once again, our volunteers managed to provide for all the logistical needs of this deployment, through resourcefulness, skill, and community; Alurizans make it happen! 
With that development, I am happy to announce that Kiah has now reached ecological stability! It will take some time for the damage to fully heal, but it has been returned to proper biodiversity levels, and biomass will return on its own; it is a resilient world. Kiah is once again free to live as it pleases, in no small part thanks to all of your hard work! For now, we will keep monitoring for long term health and stability, to make sure it can rest without further protuberance.
ACS Secretary
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
Thank you all SO much for your incredible work in revitalizing the jungles of Kiah! Remember that the prompts close TODAY (05/05) at 11:59pm EST! Get! Those! Guys! In!
🌴 Jungle Expedition: Survey - Draw or write about a new species of flora or fauna discovered in the dense foliage of Kiah!
🐅 Jungle Expedition: Report - Write a short paper on a real-life jungle species & earn rewards!
🍃  Jungle Expedition: Protect - Send a donation to Rainforest Trust & get some exclusive rewards.
All information for Jungle Expedition prompts can be found HERE!
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
🌳 As a thank you for everyones hard work, there is a free present in the Arc Lab! It will only be around for 24 hours so grab it quick! What is inside??? 
✈️ Our scientists at the Arc Labs have also discovered a completely new trait for Xeros: The plume tail! 
Biting into a tart Spice Plum will cause a Xero to develop a long flat fluffy tail resembling a skunk or squirrel! 🦨 ✨
🌳 Want a bite of this new fruit? (And all the other delicious treats from this event?) You’re in LUCK! Right now, the Arc Lab is selling all the berries discovered during this event (Dazzle, Plume, Horizontal pupils) for only 5 Prestige each! What a steal! 
Limit 2 of each berry per user, we only collected so much! If you missed out on the prompts, this is a perfect way to stock up! The shop will have these for 24 hours so act fast!



🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
🌳✈️ And now a word from one of our top scientists! ✈️🌳
In our many exploits during this journey, we have discovered the Volan, a new creature discovered on Kiah by the expedition team. In the process of sequencing Volan specimens for genetic comparison, it was noted by Dr. Nocin that some of its attributes might be compatible with current project XERO goals. Specifically, the patagium as well as its mixotrophic nature in its plant mutualism. They predict it might be possible to sequence both of these traits to form a new type of Xero…
✈️ Ah! I’m getting a memo here… it seems like the ARC lab is preparing… a demonstration of what they have discovered… Tomorrow??? 
Ok ok… let me continue ahem. 
🌳 It looks like… Tomorrow (05/06) at 12pm PST/3pm EST there will be an Auction on twitter!
✈️ Looks like the SB will be 50 USD and there will be no AB! Special! 
I don’t have much to share with you but the scientists did give me… this photo! (Can they get a better camera?) 
Guess you all need to find out what this is all about with me! Thanks for bearing with me and I’ll see you all tomorrow!



Jungle Expedition: Protect

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"The restoration project on Kiah is progressing beyond expectations! With initial logistics established without complication, the survey efforts continued unhindered by any material setbacks. Efforts are now being redirected to the rehabilitation phase based on the ecological and organism web data sent in by the ACS and Ranger teams. 

This begins the most intensive stage of the project;  the reintegration of the naturally existing organisms to restore the ecological health of the extensive rainforest systems. As we have learned through XEROs affiliated projects, bringing an organism back from the dead is a tricky matter. Luckily, due to your speed in the initial phases, extinction on a wide scale is not present, which simplifies matters. 

The resources allocated for this project are sufficient to see it through; however, time can be the most valuable resource of all. Those wishing to expedite this process may donate whatever resources they are comfortable with sharing. Contact your local ACS liaison for any questions!

Thank you all for your continued support, it literally changes worlds for the better."
ACS Secretary
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
Good evening, Alurizan Citizens! Our expedition on the jungle planet of Kiah is nearing completion, and the next stage of the event is here!
Jungle Expedition: Protect is a donation charity drive to the Rainforest Trust! By donating to the charity, you can earn some in-game rewards.
More information on the official prompt page:
Tier 1 rewards (10 USD): 1 Jewel Berry, 1 Astatine
Tier 2 rewards (25+ USD): 1 Jewel Berry, 1 Astatine, 25 Prestige
Our Project XERO Charity Drive can be found here:
🌳 Your donation must be made by THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 11:59PM EST! 🌳 
Please note that it is completely optional to participate in this prompt! If you are not financially able to for any reason, please do not feel pressured to participate!
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
In addition, due to the wonderful research being carried out on Kiah, a new plant has been discovered that, when consumed, causes a new mutation to appear in Xeros! The Jewel Berry causes Xeros to have the Dazzle Trait - shiny/metallic/glittery flesh or markings! ✨ 


Jungle Expedition: Report

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"First of all, on behalf of the ACS I would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers who have helped make this operation possible! Initial logistics and surveys have been conducted quickly and we are ready to move on to the next phase, which leads into the next call for volunteers.

The next step is to evaluate the existing viable populations of the native species so we can begin to construct a more complete map of the ecosystem diversity. Once this data has been collected, we can then begin to propose possible conservation efforts we can use to rebuild the ecosystem while still maintaining the natural evolutionary and ecological processes before they were disrupted.

As always, thank you for your talents and compassion!"
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
Good afternoon, Alurizan Citizens! Research of the jungle flora & fauna of Kiah has been going splendidly, and now it's time to write a report!
A big part of Project Xero's mission is to parallel our real world, and inspire wonder and appreciation for it. It is extremely important to shine attention on Earth's ecosystems and how we can help keep them around. Education and conservation are of the utmost importance!
Your next assignment is to write a research paper! Choose a real endangered animal that can be found in a rainforest (any rainforest on Earth, doesn't have to be the Amazon!) and research ways we’re helping protect the species.
Your paper should cover the following topics:
★ an introduction to the animal
★ its range and habitat
★ behaviors and what its diet is
★ its conservation status and possible threats
Want to earn an extra 5 Prestige? Draw your animal and attach it as an image when submitting. Please be sure to view the “Bonus Requirements” of the prompt information to ensure you’re submission qualifies for all rewards.
🌳 Complete your report by THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 11:59PM EST! Plenty of time to get writing! 🌳 
Doing so will net you special rewards! Including: 

★ A raffle entry for a Free Xero!
★ 10 Prestige
★ 1 Astatine
★ 1 Virgule Mushroom - a new seasonal item!

BONUS: 5 Prestige for including artwork!
Get working, everyone! I can't wait to read your reports! More details HERE:
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳 
In addition, due to the wonderful research being carried out on Kiah, a new plant has been discovered that, when consumed, causes a new mutation to appear in Xeros! The Virgule Mushroom causes Xeros to have Horizontal Pupils! 👀
Perhaps with continued research, a creature might be discovered that could help sequence a new subspecies of Xero? 🤔 🔎


Jungle Expedition: Survey

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The completion of Tidix Station opened up access to areas of space not yet explored by Aluriza and large-scale surveying could begin. This was initially done via exploratory probes collecting a broad range of investigational data, which was then analyzed to create higher-resolution mapping as well locate points of interest for further expeditionary operations.
The planet of Kiah was rediscovered in this new area of space; once a verdant and lush world with a vast rainforest covering the majority of its surface, it now bears the scars of Blight occupation with large swaths of the ecosystem extracted. While the forests have done much to adapt and try to regrow, unfortunately the data gathered on its current condition indicates that it is on the verge of cascade collapse of the planetary ecosystem. It is believed that the biosphere of Kiah can be stabilized and allowed to naturally recover as long as the right approach is taken.
While most ecological projects can be maintained by automated systems and expert observers, this one is at such a scale that additional volunteers are needed. Thus, the Alurizian Civil Service has put out the call for this undertaking; citizens with relevant skills, or even just a desire to help, can apply to assist.
The ACS has outlined the objectives as such:

A massive ecological project has been launched to evaluate and hopefully reverse the damage to the biologically diverse world of Kiah. Beginning with in-depth data collection, analysis/creation of an actionable plan, reparation of biological systems (directed terraforming begins, with strategic reforestation, introduction of original organisms, possible restoration of extinct species), and finally construction of long-term monitor systems to ensure healthy recovery.
If this is a task that fits your interest and skills, your help is always needed!"


One of the chief imports to Alurizan society is knowledge. With it comes innovation, but culturally and scientifically, it is the equitable foundation on which to build a healthy society. This knowledge comes from both within, in the form of laboratory and practical sciences, but also from the outside in the form of expeditions. Whether by probe or manned surveys, the Aluriza continues to expand their knowledge and help where they can, such as with Project XERO.
After the success of implementing respite points, colloquially known as Rest Stations, there has been much interest in manned missions from the public. This has led to an abundance of funding for ARC’s Expeditionary Service, which in turn has opened new opportunities for those who qualify. One such is exploring the depths of the lush foliage jungles of Kiah.
Damaged by the Blight, the ES has tasked its volunteers to record key signs of a resurgence of life in the biosphere. Long-distance probes have captured information about this region's weather, atmosphere, relative humidity, and temperature. However, ES would like to catalog the various flora and fauna as well as collect samples which requires on-foot missions to trek through uncharted territory. This will form a baseline snapshot of the jungles' ecosystem so its recovery can be carefully monitored, ensuring the survival of its undoubtedly fascinating life.
If you are up to the task of assisting the ES in their ecological survey and have passed our entrance test, you may sign on to be properly briefed and outfitted with the best technology to help you conduct your survey!
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
Your job on this gorgeous planet is to catalogue a plant or an animal you find in this sweltering climate! This can be done by drawing it out or writing about it! 
It’s important for any new discovery to think: How does this creature or plant thrive in this environment? What are some features it had evolved for it to survive? Does it live up in the hot tree tops or closer to the cool ground?  
Capture your animal or plant and give me a full report by THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 11:59PM EST! Plenty of time to study your flora or fauna of choice!
All entries, regardless of idea or skill level, receive the following rewards for participating:

★ A raffle entry for a Free Xero!
★ 20 Prestige
★ 1 Astatine
★ 1 Jungle ORB, which contains 1 of 3 different species of jungle life for you to Index, exclusive to this event! 

Get working, everyone! This jungle will not survey itself! More details in our report HERE:


Jungle Expedition: Knowledge

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A yowl bellows through the jungle…
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
Welcome to the uncharted wilderness! A month long event awaits you for April where you will take on the role of Surveyor and provide information back to ARC about the flora and fauna in the lush jungles of Kiah, a nearby planet in AREZ space.
Not a job for the feint of heart, ARC staff in collaboration with the Expeditionary Services are looking for dedicated individuals to carry out such an important task. 
Interested in such a proposition? Head to your local ranger office to sign up! 
Do note that while the Expeditionary Services appreciate any and all help, there are skill tests required for certain placement. It is important that the applicants are up to the requirements of more advanced tasks to ensure the safety and efficacy of staff, volunteers, and environmental concerns.
Your first assignment will be a test to ensure you’re fit for the role. This will take place on 4/9 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST (That’s this Saturday!!)
This quiz will be a Discord-Exclusive event to test your knowledge on some jungles closer to home than those of Kiah, so get ready and study up!
Participating in this event will earn you some Prestige for each question answered correctly, as well as additional prizes based on your final score! Each participant will also receive a ticket 🎟 to enter a raffle for a FREE XERO! (Wonderful design by paradoxxpalms !)
🌴 🍃 🌳 🌺 🌴 🍃 🌳
This month-long event will include much more than just a quiz - if you missed out on the Marine Event's "Creature Creator" prompt you’ll be happy to know it’s coming back!! 😉
Our goal with this event is to promote and inspire education of the jungles and rainforests on our very own planet, and hopefully, you’ll learn something new! 💚 🌎
We look forward to all the write-ups and new discoveries you’ll be sending back to the Lab!