Ru Berry

Category: Fruit

A very common berry that fruits nearly year-round on Owai-6. The ru berry grows on deep, reddish purple leafy vines that are commonly seen growing on buildings, fences, and other structures. The berry is small, with a stem growing between the two protrusions at the top. The flesh of the berry is soft, with a hollow pocket at the center filled with a tangy juice. Ru berries are eaten frequently on their own as a sweet snack, as well as made into various candies. The juice is also used to flavor beverages, and even to create blue dyes.

This berry gives Xeros the Antennae trait!

Kara Berry

Category: Fruit

The kara berry has a crisp outer shell, and firm, almost powdery insides. Eating one of these berries is like eating a piece of candy, both due to its texture and also the incredibly sweet flavor. The long stem growing from the top of the berry ends in a tufted plume, and is usually plucked out prior to eating.

This berry gives Xeros the Tufted Ears trait!

Lioa Berry

Category: Fruit

The lioa berry has a very mild, almost savory flavor. Diced or pureed, it makes a great topping on a number of dishes, but it's also a great snack on its own. The tassels hanging from the bottom of the berry contain its seeds; these can be removed and eaten separately, or sprinkled on top of meals or smoothies.

This berry gives Xeros the Tufted Tail trait!

Widd Berry

Category: Fruit

The widd berry is a round, green berry that grows out of drooping, downwards-facing flowers. As the flowers wither, they form a shell that covers and protects most of the berry. This fruit has a gentle, floral taste, and soft flesh. The flower shell can be peeled off and powdered for use as an additive in baking.

This berry gives Xeros the Floppy Ears trait!

Nio Berry

Category: Fruit

The nio berry is a tiny, ridged berry that grows on curly vines. The fruit is colorful, and has a strong, tart flavor, though it is not as sour as the ru berry. When bitten into, the berry's pink and purple outside give way to a deeper purple, almost black inside. Care must be taken when eating or picking these berries to avoid staining clothing. Because of this, the berry is usually snipped higher up the stem, rather than risking a possible leak from plucking the berry itself. This berry's dark juice can be used to create inks, dyes, and paint.

This berry gives Xeros the Curly Tail trait!
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